Get training and skills in Kimanis Petroleum Training Centre

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  1. Aki says:

    Oh oh oh,my friend would love to hear this.. ^_^.v..

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is good for SABAHAN!

  3. Anonymous says:

    nak apply cmna?

  4. bieby says:

    mcm mn nk apply…. sy mnetap d sbh…

  5. Rungitom says:

    Hi all, apologies for the late reply. The July intake is already closed since April 2013, however you can enquire more by sending them an email to You can also go to this address below,

    Kimanis Petroleum Training Centre, Lot 1, Blok A, Membakut Jaya 89728, Membakut, Sabah.

    Hope this helps. :)
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  6. ahmad arshad says:

    when did the next intake date…??? please respon a.s.a.p. because i really need to know this right now… please do reply….

    • Rungitom says:

      Bro, I’m not sure about the next intake, Please call this number, 087-886 067, the training center contact number for enquiries.

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  7. fredly says:

    Macam mna nk kerja offshore petronas(platform)?saya hanya ada spm.adakah bosiet n medical offshore sdh blh kerja offshore?KTC ada sediakan kursus bosiet n offshore?

    • Rungitom says:

      Bro, you can contact the training center contact number for enquiries, 087-886 067.

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  8. lian says:

    pengambilan untuk 2014 sudah buka ka?

    • Tom Rungitom says:

      Hello lian, you will have to contact them for the latest info.
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  9. mary says:

    Kotobian topbinai, Bila gia pengambilan 2014. Sia sudah suba talipon itu no. 087-886067 tapi macam tidak berfungsi sudah. Diorang tukar nombor atau sudah pindah? Terma kasih.

    • Tom Rungitom says:

      Hi Mary, have you tried calling the other number, 087-886 066?
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  10. mary says:

    Yes, I tried many times, but seem the number doesnt work anymore. Maybe they have change their number. Any idea? Thanks

    • Tom Rungitom says:

      Found an info that might help, email to, hopefully they could help.
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  11. Hi!

    I’m Mahazrul Kamarrudin government officer from National Occupational Skills Standard (NOSS), the Department of Skill Development (DSD) which is under the Ministry of Human Resources in Cyberjaya, Selangor.

    Actually, I would like to inform you that we plan to visit to KTC either at the end of November 2014 or December 2014. if you are not hesitate, please give me name of person in charge to liase with me, contact number, fax number & email address. It easy to us to send formal letter.

    Hope to get your answer soon. Your co-operation is much appreciated.
    Thank you.
    JPK Cyberjaya.

    • Tom Rungitom says:

      Hi Mahazrul, unfortunately I do not in direct contact or working with KTC. This entry was made to spread awareness on such training centres and give opportunities for youths who are choosing this career path.

      You can view the contact details from the previous comments posted here for contact info. I do not have any other info beyond this.
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  12. Wan Zulfakrurazi says:

    Dear all,
    Thank you for your kind interest in the Kimanis Petroleum Training Centre.
    For your information, beginning July 2014 we have moved our operation from the temporary location at Membakut Jaya to the permanent campus in Kimanis (across the road from Sabah Oil & Gas Terminal).
    Our new telephone numbers are : 088-903210; 903211;903212;903213

    • Tom Rungitom says:

      Thank you for the info sir, I’ve updated this post so interested individuals could contact KTC directly. :)
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  13. Maieya Bethan says:


    Why no offer for girl in KTC..??

    • Tom Rungitom says:

      Hi Maieya,

      As far as I know, there is no gender specification in enrolling to KTC. But perhaps you can tell me if there is such specified requirements for enrollment.
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