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Get training and skills in Kimanis Petroleum Training Centre

Kimanis Petroleum Training Centre

*Update March 27, 2015

So far only the phone number and email is the way to contact KTC, Big thanks to Talitha and Lee at the comment section for giving the latest info for KTC enrollment. Both of them are also looking for enrollment in KTC.

Phone numbers: 088-903210; 903211;903212;903213 (Keep calling until you get through)

Email: [email protected]

According to Talitha, KTC programme recently have intakes for female applicants too. Application for June 2015 Intake has already ended in March 25, 2015, I advice interested applicants to call them directly for info on the next intake.

*Update October 14, 2014:

Dear all,
Thank you for your kind interest in the Kimanis Petroleum Training Centre.
For your information, beginning July 2014 we have moved our operation from the temporary location at Membakut Jaya to the permanent campus in Kimanis (across the road from Sabah Oil & Gas Terminal).
Our new telephone numbers are : 088-903210; 903211;903212;903213

Wan Zulfakrurazi

I personally called to this number and confirmed that these are the contact numbers to KTC, you can also email enquiries to [email protected].  As of October 2014, they have no official website yet.

Kimanis Petroleum Training Centre
[Photo update] The Kimanis Petroleum Training Centre

Last time I talked about how Petronas can contribute more in Sabah rather than giving just a scholarships. I know this may be old story, but I like the new development in Sabah’s the Oil & Gas scene.

Early in October, The Kimanis Petroleum Training Centre operated by Petronas, is now open for enrolment. This training centre will offer career opportunities to young Sabahans in the state’s oil and gas sector. This is pretty much what I like to see for Sabahan, getting educated and skilled is the must have things for them. Simply to say, without it, we are useless.

KTC is the first institute to offer the Industrial Instrumentation and Control certificate in Sabah, focuses on providing oil and gas industry skills and developing manpower among Sabahan youths to fulfill industry needs. Under the collaboration with Pasir Gudang Industrial Training Institute (ILP), the modules were prepared based on the oil and gas industry’s needs.

Besides teaching the students with technical skills, KTC will also provide them with life skills such as financial management, English language skills and religious classes for the Muslim students. The students are also given RM400 pocket money a month, which is split into two installments, one installment per two weeks.

However KTC will be fully functional by 2013, but a temporary campus in Membakut has be launched already to get things in motion. KTC’s temporary campus offers a full-time programme in Industrial Instrumentation and Control using the National Occupational Skills Standard (NOSS) under the purview of the Department of Skill Development (DSD) which is under the Ministry of Human Resources.

I don’t see what not to love about this new programme for the youths. I wish I could get this opportunity earlier, but I’ll leave that to the younger generations. 25 youths have become the first batch of trainees, my question is now, will they have to pay to enroll to this centre? or are they in under the guise of the original Petonas Scholarship programme?

I would be happy to hear if any youths with great qualification can enroll in, as well as affordable fee cost. I do not want them to graduate with a big sum of loaned money on their back, and if there is anyone out there that can clarify thoroughly how the temporary centre works, the feel free to give your input in the comment box below.






For an educated and skilled Sabahan in the future that can stand up for their rights…

Tom Rungitom
A regular Sabahan guy who love to tell stories.

53 thoughts on “Get training and skills in Kimanis Petroleum Training Centre

  1. Hi all, apologies for the late reply. The July intake is already closed since April 2013, however you can enquire more by sending them an email to [email protected] You can also go to this address below,

    Kimanis Petroleum Training Centre, Lot 1, Blok A, Membakut Jaya 89728, Membakut, Sabah.

    Hope this helps. 🙂
    Rungitom latest entry..An advice from spaceMy Profile

  2. when did the next intake date…??? please respon a.s.a.p. because i really need to know this right now… please do reply….

  3. Macam mna nk kerja offshore petronas(platform)?saya hanya ada spm.adakah bosiet n medical offshore sdh blh kerja offshore?KTC ada sediakan kursus bosiet n offshore?

  4. Kotobian topbinai, Bila gia pengambilan 2014. Sia sudah suba talipon itu no. 087-886067 tapi macam tidak berfungsi sudah. Diorang tukar nombor atau sudah pindah? Terma kasih.

  5. Yes, I tried many times, but seem the number doesnt work anymore. Maybe they have change their number. Any idea? Thanks

  6. Hi!

    I’m Mahazrul Kamarrudin government officer from National Occupational Skills Standard (NOSS), the Department of Skill Development (DSD) which is under the Ministry of Human Resources in Cyberjaya, Selangor.

    Actually, I would like to inform you that we plan to visit to KTC either at the end of November 2014 or December 2014. if you are not hesitate, please give me name of person in charge to liase with me, contact number, fax number & email address. It easy to us to send formal letter.

    Hope to get your answer soon. Your co-operation is much appreciated.
    Thank you.
    JPK Cyberjaya.

    1. Hi Mahazrul, unfortunately I do not in direct contact or working with KTC. This entry was made to spread awareness on such training centres and give opportunities for youths who are choosing this career path.

      You can view the contact details from the previous comments posted here for contact info. I do not have any other info beyond this.
      Tom Rungitom latest entry..Just give me a reasonMy Profile

  7. Dear all,
    Thank you for your kind interest in the Kimanis Petroleum Training Centre.
    For your information, beginning July 2014 we have moved our operation from the temporary location at Membakut Jaya to the permanent campus in Kimanis (across the road from Sabah Oil & Gas Terminal).
    Our new telephone numbers are : 088-903210; 903211;903212;903213

    1. Assalam. Bang saya Fizo dari Kelantan. Sebernarnya saya dah lama nak masuk KTC. Tapi adakah saya boleh memohon untuk kemasukan 2016 atau hanya terbuka kepada calon SABAH sahaja?? Bang, tolong wsap saya untuk saya mengetahui maklumat lanjut 0186696392

  8. Saya kol di talian office KIMANIS {087886066} tiada jawapan pun, Siapa kt sini yg tahu no hp office KIMANIS ?? Tq

  9. Conform ke ,hbs aje kita kursus selama 2 tahun ,kita akan terus kerja dgn syarikat PETRONAS atau lain2 syarikat oil&gas ?

    1. x tahu laah,itu sbb sy nk kan no hp office kimanis,nk tahu lebih lanjut kol 6ber
      088-903211;903212;903213 pon masih tiada jawapan ..

  10. Saya dah pon cuba hubungi di talian berikut 088-903211;903212;903213 tapi masih tiada lg jawapan ..saya harap Tuan/Puan dapat membantu saya,ni no hp/whatsaap saya 011-14477687

  11. hello guys..any news about the new intake for 2015? ive been waiting for this for years now..and ive been tryng to reached up u guys by dialling up those number listed but no answer yet.. please help and reply me back or email me thank u.

  12. Hi all.. I saw all your comments and wanted to comment too..hehh.. Yup.,KTC has indeed changed their contact number.. As for 2015 intake.,it has just been closed @ 25 March 2015, for the June intake.
    I personally called their new number few times until they answered finally. And yes.,they do have intakes for girls too recently.,Ive just sumitted my application.. : )

  13. Hi. I already summited my application too and im a girl. If i get to the ktc, what kind of training do i get there?

  14. hi guys, just to inform you.
    The closing date for application is indeed 25 march 2015. i did sent an email to [email protected] today, but the email seems to be blocked by the admin. which means that, the application is not available anymore. please direct contact them if u have any doubt about it. gud luck for the one who did sent on or before 25 march 2015. i did <3 heeeh
    @talitha can i hv their new contact num.? please… thanks.

  15. @Lee..,Hi., its 088-903210, 088-903211,088-903212, and 088-903213. You may have to ring them few times until they answer. Goodluck.

  16. I already sent my resume through email to ~
    I just want to know how will they inform me ? Through SMS or email or letter ??

  17. Hey, just now i got a called from KTC which is asking me to come to KTC. As I know, KTC is mostly a boy. I just wondering if i get training here, wjat actually we do?

  18. Hai arina.. sa pun kena kol oleh ktc juga,, suruh dtang interview 9.april.2015 ni.. sa pun tertanya tnya apa bdang yang dtawarkn untuk perempuan d sana nt?

  19. why some people got call on 2 april, some on 7 april. I want to ask, what is the last day for they to call another candidates ? because I have job interview on 13 april so i am afraid if my KTC interview is on the same date as it. I sent my KTC through email on 17 march. I just hope they get my email.

  20. Hii, my name is Aiman lepasan SPM. Apesal korang dapat awl temuduga?? Bukan kah intake bulan Jun ke?? Im really afraid that I can’t get in through :'(

  21. Hello everyone, I’m now 1 of the students in ktc, for 2015 batch… If you all have any questions bout ktc, directly pm me..01116019963…maybe i can help..

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