Wordless Wednesday (Revival): Drawing tools assemble

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4 Responses

  1. Arms says:

    Wow… and i only have a pencil and an eraser. Wakakaa. Looking forward to seeing a lot of your pics dude.

    And happy Thursday, Mr Tom!
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    • Rungitom says:

      Still too busy lately, hope to make a few before August ends. :belajar

  2. nowriz says:

    sy suka color luna tu.. dulu2 time sekolah.. kalau ada keja coloring.. tu mata pencil luna kasi basah pakai air dulu.. cantik effect dia ni.. tp tia tau la kalau color pencil luna sekarang ni.. masih buat begitu ka lagi.. 😉
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    • Rungitom says:

      Syok kan time dulu-dulu? hehehe

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