[Wordless Wednesday Intensifies]

Morgan Freeman March 1990

Wednesday is here, or fashionably called Humpday because of its know as the center of the week. In the blogging scene, Wednesday is also called Wordless Wednesday (WW).

This WW phenomenon is where the bloggers post one or a series of photos in the blog entry. “the photo speaks for itself”, meaning the photos posted conveys a message that speaks for itself without using words. On some occasions though, a simple explanatory with words are necessary to keep the photos from getting out of context.

There are actually no specific rules that I know of, as of this blog entry was made, for Wordless Wednesday. So if you’re looking on local blogs in Malaysia about it, you will encounter something like this;






Not so wordless at all eh? I myself experimented on various styles for my own Wordless Wednesday blog entries, a single photo, random screenshots and nice photo series that I got from the interwebs. In each of these posts I made, I tried not to exceed more than 140 characters of words, if there is any need for it.

Lastly, sorry for breaking your expectation on my Wordless Wednesday blog entry today, it was intentional. 😛



You are now reading this closing quote in Morgan Freeman’s voice.

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