Typo fails: Malaysia Edition

Typos, everyone does this once in a while, from normal to epic typo fails that makes you laugh out loud. Its more embarrassing when this was done on mainstream media, where thousands are watching or reading it. Given the most outrageous typo and the right situation, the results are hilarious but also downright insensitive.

Here’s the compilation of epic typo fails from Malaysian mainstream media I gathered from ads infested local gossip website.

kembar terima jenazah

“Terima jenazah” as in “receiving (dead) body.  From happy to a creepy occasion

Gambar Typo Akhbar Utusan Malaysia Hari Ini Sengal

“Minum air suami”, you do the translation, topped with a bit of imagination.


“Mahu terus kekecewaan di sukan Komanwel” Her face says it all.


“Bajet sembang”, Chit chat budget, is this for real?


Kapal seram~ Scary oh.


Behold our young new Prime Minister, sweg.


While Najib’s new job, and new look…



Free wife and internet, wow.

justine bieber

Justin Bieber is a country.


“Angin kencing”, the winds of pee


This really, really turns out wrong. Instead of “Fakir”, it turned into “Kafir”.

pelanduk dua serupa

Separated at birth??

Intentional, or just lack proofreading? One thing for sure, this will not be the last of it. Keep your eyes peeled on incoming typo. This has been another Tickle Tuesday entry.




Every time you make a typo the errorists win.

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2 Responses

  1. nuranne says:

    hahaha… this is funny. someone got to be a perdana menteri and what’s best, it’s on tv! haha.

    • Tom Rungitom says:

      And when you watch TV, be on the lookout for random typos. 😛
      Tom Rungitom latest entry..Rungitom Life 5th AnniversaryMy Profile

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