Truffle Promotion at Coast Restaurant and Bar, Rasa Ria Resort

For one-week only from 5-12 August 2013, the Coast Restaurant and Bar at Shangri-La’s Rasa Ria Resort is introducing summer truffles at RM30++ per shaving of five grams to complement the restaurant’s special truffle menu selections of four starters, four main courses and two desserts with prices starting from RM25.

The starters are comprised of the Endives Salad, Green Pea Soup, Lasagne of Rock Lobster and, Country Style Chicken Liver Pâté while the mains are Wild Mushrooms Risotto, Grilled Black Angus Oyster Blade, Roasted Halibut fillet and Seared Sea Bass fillet. Making up the dessert selections are the Chilled Mango and Passion Fruit Soup and; Chocolate and Yoghurt.

I had the chance for an exclusive food review session with other blogger buddies, Dinoza, Jaclyn, Chloe, Margaret and Sherrie to know more about the menu that will be served during the promotion.

We were greeted by Jeremy and Vina, they accompanied us to the restaurant.

Truffle Promotion at Coast Restaurant, Rasa Ria Resort

Coast Restaurant and Bar

(60 88) 797 888 ext. 6304

Operating Hours
6.30am – 10.30am

6.30pm – 10.30pm

4.30pm till late

Happy Hour
4.30 pm – 5.30 pm
10.00 pm – 12 midnight

Dress Code
Smart Casual (no shorts or flipflops)

Smoking Policy
Smoking is permitted only at the outdoor deck.

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The award winning Coast Restaurant is situated in a beachfront and built with an exceptional Resto-Bar design. I noted that the outdoor terrace is a great place to view the beautiful North Bornean sunset.

20130729_204017_LLS DSC_0075

We are brought in to a private dining area for the food review session.



Behind the scene


 Summer Truffle Delight

Once dubbed the ‘diamond in the kitchen’  by Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, a renowned French gourmand during his time, truffles have had a long history of being the food for the privileged spanning thousands of years. With over 70 edible truffles available, the most flavorsome is the French perigord truffle.

Summer truffle (found in almost all European countries) are used for some of the dishes that were served that day.


For starters we had our basic bread and butter, served together with a small portion of olive oil mixed with balsamic vinegar.


Ainol, the waiter in charge suggested that we have Chardonnay, White Label Wolf Blass – South Eastern Australia  (Year: 2012) white wine. It is RM30++ per glass and RM125++ per bottle.


He said that this wine goes well with the halibut dish that will be prepared for us later on, and indeed it is. Chardonnay white wine wasn’t my favourite wine, but that night changes everything.



Green Pea Soup, that comes with poached egg, semi dried cherry tomato, mint & green peas, not forgetting a few slices of truffle.

How can I describe the taste of truffle? Well, it had this crunchy and nutty taste and it also goes well with the dishes.


Back to the soup, can you see the egg yolk is oozing out of the whites as I poke it through? There is a certain technique if one wanted to cook the egg like that.

The soup mixed with the egg yolk tasted heavenly, and I love the cherry tomato taste too.


Now here’s one tastebud opener, Lasagne of poached Rock Lobster. Open lasagna, edamame, long bean ragout, truffle slices and lobster bisque. Served nicely in a special gravy that is made from lobster base mixed with fresh orange.

The taste is mind blowing

The taste is mind blowingly delicious


Truffle and mushroom risotto, a risotto is a class of Italian rice dishes cooked in broth to a creamy consistency.


The softness of the risotto meets the crunchiness of the truffle.


In between cool jokes and wine drinking, the uber main course has arrived, Roasted Halibut Fillet. Specially acquired from Norway, the halibut is roasted then put up in a warm place for a while.

Then, it is served with a mix of sweet corn, beef bacon, radish, garden basil bits and truffle slices onto a layer of beurre blanc (literally translated from French as “white butter”)

I have a specific expression when I eat the most delicious dish of all time, this is how I do my face when I’m at it.

Riho Expression

Of course, with exception, I don’t turn into a girl

Roasted Halibut Fillet is the best dish I ever tasted in 2013.

We rest for some time to let the epic meal we had sink in for a while, the chef came in and gave a briefing on the dishes he prepared for us.

Ladies and gentlemen, Chef de Cuisine Alvrie Manangka


A passionate visionary of culinary delights, Alvrie joined Shangri-La’s Rasa Ria Resort in April 2012. He started his culinary journey in 1997 and has worked in restaurants across Australia, Dubai and the Maldives.

His experiences working with notable chefs throughout the years instilled in him a ‘passion for pure love of cooking’, which greatly influences his much-loved menu creations at Coast restaurant.

We learned from him, a bit of history about the truffles and the different types they are in the world. Since the summer truffle is abundant in the market for its season, chef Alvrie came up with this idea to incorporate truffles in his dishes. It also acts as a reminder how truffles became a dish for the elites and nobles back in the early days


Whats for dessert? Chocolate Soil of course, complements by the chef. This special menu contains bits of carbonated popping candy, it fizzes in your mouth when you eat it.


Finally the ultimate dessert, Chilled Mango & Passion Fruit Soup, that comes with white chocolate mousse, coconut cubes and bits of truffle that goes on top of the mousse.

Its free and leisure time after the food review session is finished, we had a good chat and free to roam the restaurant. Check out Chloe playing the piano,

DSC_0080 DSC_0081

Photo with the chef,



Also not forgetting this little mushroom lamp (made in Australia) here that helped me create the nice lighting for me to photoshoot the dishes.


Even without the flash-gun for DSLR, I can still take great shots.

We really had a great time here, exquisite dishes, the best restaurant experience ever, the place and the service itself. My perception about having this set of dishes will not satisfy me has been broken. I feel very full after having the full course and indeed it was a very satisfying meal.


From left: Sherrie, Jaclyn, Me, Jeremy, chef Alvrie, Dinoza, Chloe and Margaret

I would like to thank to the resort management, especially to Jeremy, Vina and chef Alvrie who had been accompanying us and had us well informed about the promotion and the restaurant.

As I mentioned earlier, the truffle promotion will only last for a week, so do contact them for reservations and experience the great dining yourself.





Enchantment by the sea

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