Tommykupo’s Art Revival 2014

Bad planning and scheduling rendered my previous projects with the similar concept, reviving and re-practising my artworks,  meet its ultimate failure. But I belive that this year however, things will change and go as planned.

Art Revival

Its now or never, I have the desire to see my created characters alive again, I may not have the same stroke as I had years ago, but the style, the expression and their characters I made remain the same. If I can manage to make this year long plan consistently going, I can move on and learn digital artwork, a thing that I really looking forward to learn.

Someday, that will happen, and when it does, I’ll be expanding my world of imaginations…

Check out my Deviantart page, Tommykupo for my  Art Revival updates.



I dream my painting and I paint my dream. ~ Vincent Van Gogh

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