Third’s the charm

3rd anniversary

November 2, 2009

That is the day I launched my blog hosted under Blogspot with the name “Rungitom”. Other than remembering the dearly departed souls in All Souls Day, the day also marks the birth of my blog, which is now come to its 3rd year. When I looked back at it, the launch day was pretty symbolic to me.

Me in 2009, the year when I launch Rungitom blog

Me in 2009, the year when I launch Rungitom blog

From just random rants, to personal touch, a grieving phase and trying to get a mojo phase, I still managed to keep this blog alive and got its own domain name too. I reverted my blog name back to the original one, Rungitom Life, because of the sentimental value it has. I will never gonna change that again, its perfect the way it is now and forever.

Not gonna talk much about it, just wanna say a big ‘Happy Birthday!!’ to my blog. I hope I can continue to share even more great stories in the future, stay active and stay awesome.





Your blog is your unedited version of yourself. ~ Lorelle

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2 Responses

  1. audeanor says:

    happy birthday “Rugitom Life”. Congrats Tom!
    audeanor latest entry..You Are Not a PhotographerMy Profile

  2. Aemy says:

    waaa happy birthday Rungitom Life!!! ^^
    i wish i remembered my blog’s birthday..haha..i don’t know what date exactly i launched my blog since i’ve deleted old posts. :p
    well, keep writing! blogging rocks! ^^
    Aemy latest entry..The Best Way to Shake Off StressMy Profile

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