The Sacred Orders of Geek

Spawned from the union of yesterday’s memes and obsessive technophiles, the mythical empire of Geekdom has been steadily expanding for decades, evolving and diversifying at each turn. Though hailing from different territories of geek, each new variety marches under the same banner. Check out some of the diverse inhabitants of Geektopia and see where you fit in.

The Sacred Order of Geeks
Source: BCO

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2 Responses

  1. Borneo Geek says:

    umm.. I’m a Das Apple Fanboy Star Wars Trekkie Encyclopedia Gadget Internet Geek. Yup, that’s me alright.

  2. Aemy says:

    haha this is so cool! i’m a music geek, except that im not possess the vial of spit from whoever’s saxophone. haha. so everyone is geek huh :p
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