The online shopping experience

Ah online shopping experience, the fastest and easiest way for someone to shop for anything from clothes to merchandise. I do my online shopping, but only to buy stuff like programs, WordPress premuim plugins and buying domain names.

Just months ago, a delivery guy walks in through our office door, bringing a package that was intended for my lady boss. She was pretty excited when she got it, took it in her room and later came out and show off her new pair of heels to my friend. Few weeks after that, more packages arrived for her, this time just clothes.

Intrigued by this I went and asked her about it. She actually bought all the stuff online. I know there are a lot of online shops by just browsing Facebook pages, whereby many post about their latest promotions and the latest products. I clicked on one of them, and this was Zalora’s online shopping site.

Their website,, was a very clean cut design. You can see everything where it supposed to be, latest promotions and the  latest products. There’s no cluttering like I see on other online shops website. Everything is categorized neatly from brands to product types.

When I was composing this blog last night, I talked to my friend via Whatsapp, which her mom frequently buy stuff from Zalora, and she said they offer fast delivery and fast restocking.

What more can you want from a full online shopping experience?

Well, I think I talked too much now, let see if they have something that I like… Maybe the pair of shoes that I mentioned here in my previous post!”







 Zalora, The ultimate online fashion shopping mall!

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2 Responses

  1. chegucarol says:

    I’m so into shopping online that i feel browsing clothes in real shop is tiring. Seriously. ^_^

    • Rungitom says:

      The online shopping is definitely for you! hehe 😀
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