The imaginary invisible wall

I recently began reading back a few of my old blog entries from Blogspot, which are now imported to my new self hosted WordPress site. Still in “uncategorized” category, I took the effort to reformat the text and also re-upload the pics to a proper place, before deleting the third-party image hosting site I used previously.

reminisce the old blog entries

reminisce the old blog entries

Comparing that with what I’ve been writing now, its a big difference alltogether. I was more expressive and opened up to tell my stories during my early years of blogging. I found my storytelling and writing style in the past was more captivating and honest.

I’m not saying that all of my latest blog entries after moving from Blogger is fake,  I admit some of the entries are made half baked and tasteless, rigid, written for the sake of having updates. I realized  about it but I just ignored it.

Days of soul searching and reading my old blog entries made me come up to this final conclusion, I deliberately hold myself against an imaginary invisible wall. I limit myself on what I want to tell and write, such unnecessary fear run inside of me, hiding my emotions too much.

Now, I decided to open up myself again and write my blog entries like I used to, I love storytelling and putting emotions to it. That is my forte in blogging, I will improve that within the remaining months of the year 2013. The wall was never there, why stop right?

Unique, honest and captivating storytelling style, I’m going to stick on this style for now.





An invisible wall that never even there, this must stop…

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  1. 1 Jul ’13

    […] took some time to read back my old blog entries and I’m surprised how different it was back then. So I decided to be more open and let my writing and story telling flow like it used, to without […]

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