The homely KL Style BBQ & Steamboat restaurant

Ah, steamboat dining, who doesn’t love that? What is it about that attracts people to have a steamboat styled dining once in a while? is it because of the variety of foods? the ambience of the place? or is it a value for money? Me and blogger buddies Charlotte, Beverly, Nathalie, Meitzeu with her boyfriend are trying to find out that special thing in an invited food review at KL Style BBQ & Steamboat Restaurant.

Location :
Lot No. 12, Ground Floor, Damas 118 Plaza, 88300 Jalan Pintas, Penampang, Sabah.
(The building is situated just at the opposite side of Millenium Plaza across the road)

Operating Hours :
5.30pm – 11.00pm

Contact No. :
013-872 5656/ 016-623 0211

This restaurant is not like any other steamboat restaurant I’ve ever been to. This place is a mix of outdoor and indoor experience, you can try both steamboat and sizzling hot plate outdoors, or, you can opt for the air conditioned steamboat dining indoors.

You heard that, air conditioned, so you still feel cool despite having a wonderful hot meal. I like the homely feeling of this restaurant, feels like I’m actually dining at home.

Pricing for adults is RM25nett and children (aged 4-12) is RM10nett, children aged below 4 will not be charged. Apart from dining, this restaurant is also opened for functions like birthday party and family gathering, you must contact them and make an early reservation first.

They have a great variety for steamboat ingredients, fresh seafood, chicken, beef and a lot more other stuffs which I can’t describe one by one (serve no pork).

As for the soup, you can take either chicken or tom yam ones. As the soup are served and heated, we picked up the skewers and take whatever ingredients we wanted to eat first.

Don’t be too greedy to take all the food, just take a humble portion first before taking more again. Love food hate waste, if you take too much and didn’t finished it all, you will be charged, this same rule applies to any the steamboat eateries out there. The food will be continuously refilled until the supplies are finished for the day.

Instead of the typical cold chinese tea, this restaurant serves a range of great Nestle drinks to be chosen from. If you intended to have a hot drinks, it is served as well.

Fancy desserts? They served up to 8 types of ice cream flavor and also make the tasty ABC. What an awesome dessert to compliment a great meal right? I personally like having this.

cone scoop of ice cream

mega scoop of ice cream

ABC loaded with goodness

Nath and Char trying out the ABC

Although we enjoyed a cool steamboat indoors, that didn’t stop us from trying out the big frying pan outside, we have to try it all!

This is Mr. Ah Loong, the restaurant owner showing us how to cook with big frying pan.

So Charlotte went on and flip some hash brown,

Later, Nath bumped in, not wanting to miss her chance.

We all enjoyed eating and having fun,

By any chance if you wanna go for a great steamboat dining, have a visit to this restaurant and bring me along, I can do the pan fry.


Big thanks to Ah Loong and staff for their hospitality during our time there.

Group photo via Beverly’s camera

Some of the photos included in this entry are taken from Meitzeu’s blog and the ones I was tagged on Facebook by Beverly. Big thanks for the photos! 🙂






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