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Cute Blogger Gathering 2011

I never did blogged about our gathering, The Cute Blogger Gathering in 2011, instead I posted up all the photos at my blog Facebook page. I was going slow with my blogspot blog, preparing for my migration to my new self hosted blog.

The Awesome Bloggers Gathering 2012

Its been almost a year since the event, and now the same event with a new name. The Awesome Bloggers  (TAB) Gathering 2012, is going to happen this 10th November at Party Play, Lintas Plaza. The mastermind is none other than the dynamic duo of Armstrong of, and Rex a.k.a Aki Borneo of This made possible of course by a secret organizing committee that makes sure this event goes as smooth as possible.

Its going to be a themed gathering where each and every blogger must wear an attire with one color, I don’t have much choices nor do I have extra budget to get all dressed up, but a black attire will do, a smart one. Gift changing and mini games is also included in the event other than dining and chit-chat with fellow bloggers.

This year witness will be a mix of old and new faces in the gathering, although its just a fraction of the whole blogging community in Sabah, I really hope that this can catch up on to be a bigger event in the years to come. For more updates on the event, or if you wanted to join, do visit the event page on Facebook.

Well, that is all for now, can’t wait to meet them all again. 🙂





The Awesome Bloggers Gathering

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8 Responses

  1. Aki Borneo says:

    oi, black buyuk.. my attire set tida sampai rm100 pun.. pakai selipar lagi.. 😀
    Aki Borneo latest entry..(Pic and Tips) Penang Street Art Hunting [Mural & Steel Sculpture]My Profile

    • Rungitom says:

      Saya ni awal bulan sudah survival mode. :janganpergi
      Rungitom latest entry..The awesome cutiesMy Profile

  2. Daniel Chiam says:

    I don’t know when can I be apart of this awesome event T_T All the best people and have lots and lots and lots of fun!
    Daniel Chiam latest entry..[Upcoming Movie] The Last Stand (2013)My Profile

    • Rungitom says:

      Still feel very sad you cannot attend this time..
      Rungitom latest entry..The awesome cutiesMy Profile

  3. Wyne Mouren says:

    I’ll wearing simple and smart attire too. No gorgeous dress! Hey, is not the awesome attire that we are looking at bah…

    See you there and bawa ‘kamira basar’ ko XDXD.

    • Rungitom says:

      Okeeh, see you there too. :happy
      Rungitom latest entry..The awesome cutiesMy Profile

  4. beaty says:

    see u tomorrow tom.

    aiya lama suda sia inda menjejakkan kaki di sini ni

  5. meitzeu says:

    Have fun!!

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