The 8th: Reboot

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2016.. What a year it was to me! It was a great learning curve for me, but not without a steep price to pay for it all. Then again, its all part of the process of growing up as an adult.

As I’m writing this entry, its raining heavily outside. I don’t have much works to do so I browse my blog content folder while configuring new functions for my blog. I found the old screenshots of my blog when it was still in the Blogger platform, many things had happened since I started blogging in 2009. Bloggers come and go, the rise of social networking and microblogging, my computer was broken, then my laptop was broken, job changed, camera broken, lack of fresh contents, and the list goes on.

My blog became inactive these few years, just a few post here and there but never goes into hyperdrive like it used to. But in between those inactivity, I’m constantly upgrading the functionality and themes over the year. I’m back to the theme which I used back in 2014, and rebranded my title.



Its the 8th year of my blogging journey, I believe its time for a fresh new start and refined content, a Reboot. So these few months I’ve been doing cleanups, upgrades and focusing on topics that I will write more.

The Rungitom 20s


I will start off with finding back post that I’ve been holding up as Draft for years. That should be a good start, along with fresh stories I really love to share with you dear readers. A few new stories coming up, which includes movies, AMP, a new bloggers reading list and a little recap on ACG event from last year.

See ya in my next blog entry!

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I’ll finish what you started…


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