The 7th: Prime

Google's leap year doodle is adorable - Imgur

A leap year day for a new year blog entry, I spontaneously chose this date for one reason, giving me a chance to look it back in the next leap year to see how I progressed.

Rungitom 2015 memories 1

The year 2015 was an eye opening, a big slap to the head and dragging me to the reality that I always wanted to escape from. I braved myself to face the reality and acknowledge it, so I can move on and do the things that I always wanted to to, things that makes me happy.

Am I back on track now?

Rungitom 2015 memories 2

Well, not really. This problem of mine is not something easy like reformatting a hard-drive. Slowly but hopefully, I can feel free again and use my talents/potential to its highest limits.

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