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The 6th: Redemption

My first blog entry for the year 2015, its been quite some time from my last entry. Since the laptop I used died and using mobile to blog was challenging,...


Day 10: Fear

Day 10: Something you’re afraid of Fear, its in every living human on earth. So in this next challenge question, I will have to reveal what is it that I’m...

Imagine a world... 2

Be a force of the Awesome

Losing someone important to me because of my own silly mistake… really took a toll on my emotions. But those sad feelings are currently fading away, I’m trying to get...


Living the life

Read on how he live through all the years, and still feels great despite all the challenges, sadness and separation… Source: imgur.com         Living the life


The life that I have

Keywords: life, love, yours, Leo Marks She sent me a text message earlier, requesting for this sentences to be translated into Malay. I sent her back the translation, then I...


Bank in Life with Time

Keywords: life, time, bank, the game Something to think about our life… Imagine that you had won the following prize in a contest: Each morning your bank will deposit RM86,400.00...


This is Your Life

Keywords: life, Holstee manifesto, motivation Yes a motivational poster for you readers to print and place it wherever place you like it to be. A pretty inspiring words fit for...