Something about KONY 2012

Yeah, KONY 2012 was a very successful in terms of going viral on a global scale, my Facebook news feed constantly bombarded with KONY 2012 video link, all the “please share”, “please like” spam goes wild. Everybody is doing their part as the “Social Activist” after watching full 30 minutes of the video.

I’ll let you search yourself for more info about KONY 2012, the main reason I post this entry is to share you this pic. This pic is very different from the rest, a made up story (I think) worthy of the title “Cool StoryBro








Watch 30 minute video on internet, become a social activist

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3 Responses

  1. Amanda says:

    nice burn. i didn’t watch the video till the end. that white dude was pretty ego-statical. plus it’s like another ‘white men being heroes for blacks.’ then i read all about the scamming stuff.

  2. Daniel Chiam says:

    I watched the video till the end and I do share it also. The reason being is that it does expose to me who this Kony is and what have he done. About joining the movement or not it’s not of my main concern, the reason why i shared is purely just to tell people who Kony is. other than that is really up to every individual to decide.

  3. Arham Ali says:

    On one hand yeah, its good that they are spreading the word on Kony. But manipulating college students (in America) whilst doing so? Apparently even the Ugandan people are not that fond of the Invinsible Children (the group behind Kony 2012).

    But you got to admit, these guys excel in post editing, lots of people got teary eyed from it. It is a grey area for me what these guys really want, they may have a good cause behind these but for now, I’m not supporting the movement.

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