Shark Murder At Mabul Island

Other than the viral rise of KONY 2012 and iPad 3 The New iPad launching, this is what concerns me even more, murdering of sharks out in the open.

As stated by Semporna Shark Sanctuary admin,

These sharks are being finned on the beach at Mabul in front of the dive resorts and the bodies are thrown back into the sea. These sharks are all being caught very close to Mabul and Sipadan Island. This has to STOP before this marine area is destroyed beyond repair…….


My question, where is the authorities at Semporna?, why haven’t these guys be caught?

its a very gruesome sight, especially when this happened at your own place.

I ask you, would you like to see this kind of scenery when you on vacation in Mabul?


After that, a long line of comments from Facebook users, this one caught my attention,

Um, while I agree there needs to be limits to any sort of fishing, why is this so bad? Sharks are no more intelligent than other fish but is anyone up in arms when they see a fisherman scale and gut their catch of salmon, or whiting? Moreover, chances are if you eat fish and chips it’s shark and chips you’re actually eating. ~ Oz Mandias

Quickly after that, another user posted a comment in reply to Oz Mandias,

Oz- the controversy surrounding shark finning is not an animal rights issue and has nothing to do with the intelligence of sharks. Shark finning is a practice of catching sharks, cutting off their fins, and tossing the rest of the body back as waste, often while the sharks are still alive- leaving them to drown. fishermen only take the fins close to 100 million sharks a year are being killed, whereas if people were required to use the entire body and not be so wasteful, the catch rate would be drastically reduced because fisherment would not have room for so many sharks.

Because of this practice, and the slow reproduction rate of sharks in comparison to other fish life, most species of sharks are rapidly reaching endangerment and extinction. As an Apex preditor, vital to our ocean’s ecosystem, losing the shark would change our entire world and environment as we know it. I won’t continue on in detail because you can search out the information yourself, but unfortunately we will all suffer the consequences of the practice if it isn’t stopped SOON!

How would you feel if you saw pandas being slaughtered for its paws? Or an Asian elephant being killed and left on the side of the road with only it’s tusks taken? The point is these animals are nearing extinction more quickly every year because not enough action is being taken to educate and prevent this practice. If we saw dead pandas on the road left to rot on our drive to work each day we would be up in arms. But the bodies of these threatened animals are dumped out of sight in the ocean.

And unfortunately because sharks arent cute and cuddly and the media have created a horrifying stigma regarding them, many people hear the facts and still don’t pay much attention because they fear sharks. The entire situation is bred and perpetuated by various cultural ignorances.

Anyway, sorry for the lengthy response but I hope that helps you understand why this is so bad! ~ Devyn Winner

In support of Semporna Shark Sanctuary became a reality, I signed the online petition made for that cause. Click here to sign the petition. Every sign counts, share this post and petition with your friends and families across the online world. Let everyone know about this serious issue…

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Shark fins make money for a few (people), but it could be the downfall of Semporna ecotourism ~ Rohan Perkins

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