Sad Corner

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Life…somehow I go around many turning point but realized I was going the same place over and over. I’ve done the same mistake again and hurt her feelings. Its a very very bad thing to make a lady sad, even worse if you did it many times and she still believe your flowery words. I feel unworthy for her, guilty and she may not give me any more chances… serve you right Tom. She is yet to give her decision, and I will take it, good news or bad news. I’m not a good guy I guess… at least I still have a family to keep an eye, will see this till the very end.

I have so much resources to upgrade my blog, but I got so little time to even get a good head-start. To tell you the truth, I’m jealous of other blogs that looks clean and really attractive. So I will keep go on making research to built a good looking blog site and maintain good content.

“I’m not done until my last breath!”


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