Sabah Fest 2014 ‘AKI NABALU’ event in pictures

Took me a long time for me to finally post this blog entry, these are the photos I took during Sabah Fest 2014 Media Preview night on May 1, 2014. Also attending the event was fellow blogger Charlotte, Meitzeu, Sherrie and Chloe. Many thanks to Sabah Tourism Board for giving me the opportunity to attend the Media Preview.

Sabah Fest 2014 'Aki Nabalu'

The theme for this year is ‘AKI NABALU’, which brings the audiences to a journey back in time to witness the art of rituals, showcased by seven ethnic groups in Sabah that rely on Mount Kinabalu as a central feature in their traditional and cultural beliefs.

I’ve been following Sabah Fest event since 2011, and the performance this year is a bit different from the past years. One noticeable thing was less scenario acting, narrative and also vocal performance. The focus was more driven to immense the audiences with how the rituals of each local tribes in Sabah of the old days was performed. The rituals are indeed authentic in a way because it was performed by the bobolian/bobohizan themselves. The sound of bungkau,a traditional instrument of the Dusun tribe of Sabah, echoed throughout the performance, a sound almost hypnotic to me.

The biggest bummer for me that night was I didn’t bring my zoom lens for my DSLR and I misjudged the camera setting (again), thus resulting in a ‘just ok’ photos. Learned my lesson well and I hope I won’t repeat it again.

For those who have attended Sabah Fest 2014, what are your comments on the event? I would love to hear from you. 🙂



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