Rungitom Comical returns

It’s been that long time since I made “Rungitom Comical”, 5 years to be exact from the last one. The latest Rungitom Comical is made on the spur of the moment this morning, based on my friend’s Facebook status.

Rungitom Comical 1 2015 Whatever

Artwork is a little rough, but that doesn’t matter, because this will be the jump-start of  more Rungitom Comical(s) in the future. A weekly comic sounds just nice, now back to the drawing board for the new one.

Keep updated with me as I will be uploading it first to my Facebook page, and also on my Deviantart page later. 🙂



Whatever kaw ping

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2 Responses

  1. Airin says:

    Yay 😀

    • Tom Rungitom says:

      Thanks for the moral support. 🙂
      Tom Rungitom latest entry..Tommykupo: A timeline of artwork evolutionMy Profile

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