Rungi Recap September 2014

The month of September ends, and some people who have been sleeping throughout the month is now waking up, hahaha!. Its 3 months left in the 2014 calendar, can you smell the festive season coming up already?

September 2014 Recap

In retrospect, the month of September have been a nice month, new discoveries that helped me to reach the next level. Postcrossing is on as usual, sent postcards to my postcard penpal in UK and made a few direct swaps via FB group. I eventually received my postcards almost at the end of the month. I will be stopping postcrossing for a while to restock on various postal stamps before starting the next one. I love to put more variants in postal stamps and special postmark.

Event wise, I’ve attended Otafuse 4, Sabah State Archive Open Day and also Miss Universe Malaysia KK Audition press conference. Now that was a great one because I finally meet the gorgeous Carey Ng in person. The audition has already ended last week, but I will post some photos on the press conference soon.

This year’s Otafuse 4 brings much more fun, I made many new friends since I followed the event a few years back, check out my blog entry on the event for more details.

Sabah State Archive Open Day was also an interesting event that I’ve attended. Reading through North Borneo-era newspapers makes me how great the life of the people’s back then. I will visit this establishment again someday.

Future stuff

Since I’ve learned a lot about digital artworking using SketchBookExpress, I will be more active in creating new stuff for my Deviantart page soon, I’ve been thinking of doing some simple comic or 4koma, but let see how it goes.

The month of October signals the start of the festive season with much exciting event happening until end of December. Anything you anticipate this following month? 🙂



The last quarter of the year 2014



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