Rungi-Recap: June 2012

There were so many things happened in June, but eventually I managed to get what I want and do what I supposed to do, work and have fun at the same time.

June 2012 Recap


Earlier June witness my lil brother’s engagement day, we are all very happy for this and welcomed a new member (upcoming) in our family. I took up the challenge to climb mount Kinabalu once again, but Mother Nature was really in a bad mood with heavy rainstorm and strong wind. So our group only managed to climb up to the last checkpoint, Sayat Sayat Hut. They say thirds the charm, and thats why I will be climbing the mountain again next year and I hope Mother Nature will be kind to us at that time.

This month is also the pageant week for Miss Earth Sabah 2012, I’ve been into a few of their fringe events which is Green Charity Zumba Party, special appearance at 1Borneo, and finally the Grand Coronation Night. Their story doesn’t end there, I tag them along during their special appearance in the official launch of Sembulan Waterpark and Sunset Music Fest 2012. Oh, the nice thing about the official launch Sembulan Waterpark is I get to take photos of 4 Unduk Ngadau finalists and also our Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Musa bin Haji Aman. Now I know what it feels like photographing a VVIP….

I’ve also attended 6th KK Jazz Fest, but I only managed to come on Day 1 because the Day 2 event clashed with Miss Earth Sabah Grand Coronation Night.

I have been given this great opportunity to tag along with team, Angeline Ong, Monica Ong and Jack on foodie hunt and also visiting places of interest in KK. Its really nice to know the team personally, besides exchanging ideas on food and photography. I have yet to blog about Borneo Reef World, the recent place we have explored, so that will be coming up really soon. Apart from that, me and a few blogger friends went out on our own foodie adventure, it was fun and I do hope to do more like that with other blogger friends in the future.

Doing a very good creative write up is not an easy task, when I heard about a creative writing workshop with Robert Raymer, I quickly signed up for it. The session was informative indeed and I learned a few new things when it come to writing a story.

So many stories to tell you, I hope to finish and post up all the untold stories the soonest.  As the calendar shifts to the month of July, I’ve already signed up to do big projects. I may be missing a lot of fun things happening in KK for July. Oh, I forgot to mention, Got this specially autographed EP by Dayang Noraini,

Thank you so much Dayang. :happy






Never say goodbye…

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  1. joanna funk says:

    Very nice round up, Tom. You really get around, there’s so much going on in Sabah. 🙂

    • Rungitom says:

      Yes it is, I want the whole world to see that Sabah is more than just a great holiday getaway.

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