Rungi Recap January 2015: The Empty Sky

The empty sky

The empty sky

Whenever I come down to Pick & Pay to buy lunchtime meal, I always stop by this area to gaze upon the sky for a while. Sometimes its cloudy, sometimes its gloomy and sometimes its just empty. Just like our lives, its sometimes good, sometimes worse and sometimes be perfect. You can’t change or do anything about that, but what you can do is how you respond to them.

No, complaining endlessly is not the way to respond to it.

Took me some time to be back in blogging, because I got distracted with gaming and other stuff. Besides, there isn’t much to talk about my month of January. Same old shit, different days, much of my time was spent thinking how to spice things up. I wish to do more fun and inspiring things in my life, like doing artworks.

So I went into a cruise down memory lane with my old artworks, and decided to breath a new life to it by redrawing and recolor it. Work in progress, I should be posting it up by this month.

The red laptop, prepping it for my sister use later

The red laptop, prepping it for my sister use later

Always over thinking, never move forward with a plan, my big fat problem. I will be stuck with the same old routine over and over again if I don’t change anything about it.

No more empty sky

Anyway, you may notice that a little face-lift has been done to this blog, a little changes to layout, styles, logo and banner placements. Its more pleasing to the eye for me now, what do you think?

Also, apologies for the uninspiring and gloomy recap of my January 2015 experiences. Maybe this beautiful song by Melee, called Build To Last will give that little smile on that face.

Here’s to a great and steady month of February, make sure to make the best for it.



Hope the month of January 2015 went well for you. 🙂


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