Rungi-Recap: January 2013

Rungi Recap January 2013

Looks like its kinda late to post my recap entry eh? Doesn’t matter, post it anyway…

January 2013 was  a pretty busy month for me, there was much workload to be finished as the big project was underway. I eventually had some fun along the process, because I feel kinda stiff getting too serious on my work. Maybe this is how I can work things out in the future, less stress, more fun and getting the job done on time, exceed expectation!

I slowed down on blogging and reviewed my blogging activities last year, the experiences, the benefits and also the relevance on what I originally intended to have in my blog was taken to account. Have to admit, I already bring up my blog to more than just some personal blog now, thanks to the activities such as food reviews, scaling the Atkinson Clock Tower and also advertorials posts. Its the 4th year now for my blog, and I’m in the planning process for much blogging activities throughout the year. Whats the plan? you just wait and see. 😉

Apart from great travel experience, I have to be more careful and sensitive when it comes to personal feelings. I had enough hurting someone else’s heart and now retire my pursuit for a new love story. Wasted so much time for that, I neglected some important aspects of my life that need to prioritized. I blew up my chances twice, so now I paid the price for it.

Anyway, February is here, and I put up my blog theme as Prosperity in Everlasting Love Part II. May the new year of snake gives me more opportunities, good luck and abundance of goodness. I would like to wish all who is celebrating the new lunar year, Happy Chinese New Year, may prosperity and happiness fill your life this year.

Now, lets do more cool stuff to be remembered this month, are you ready? 🙂





Lets do this!


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    Good luck in anything you are pursuing Tom
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