Rungi Recap April 2014: Crossroad

The month of April was indeed another hard time for me, but it was never shy from giving me that little happiness from time to time, so the bitterness of life wears off quickly. Its a time for me to stop, have a deep thought and reassert my resolve and original goals that I have made earlier this year.

April 2014 Recap

April 2014 Recap

I went to a few events in April, the first one was AirAsia Bloggers Community: KK Bloggers Gathering on 19th April, it was a great night for us bloggers to meet up and have fun. We should have more of these gatherings in the future.

Next there was Kota Kinabalu Food and Bakery Bake Fiesta (KKFBBF) 2014, I went for their press conference and subsequently the event day on 26th to 27th, first of its kind and it was so lively. I had fun interviewing the booth participants and trying the food sample.

I also went to Sabah Fest 2014 press conference with the media preview performance happening tonight. This will be my third time attending the event and it never fail to amaze me, awesome musical and cultural performances.

This month is also the biggest happy mailbox I have ever experienced, the one posted on my blog throughout April is only half of it, I will post the other half this month, be sure to watch for it!

I’m going to send postcards this month as usual, maybe do more swapping as well. As I mentioned in my previous blog entry, I’m currently in designing phase for Sabah Postcrossers commemorative postcard, this is going to be exciting!

I’ve been writing more (on paper), practicing my artwork more, do a little exercise and tried to control my eating habits, I am planning for great things ahead, at least for this year, for now. It beats than doing nothing at all. I’m over with reminiscing the past too much, its time to my future a reality.

For all that I know now, I’m embarking on a new journey with the blue sky…



In the end all we can do is promise to love each other with everything we’ve got. Because love is the best thing we do. ~ Ted Mosby





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