Rungi-Recap: April 2013

Right now, its raining so heavy outside that I decided to stay for the rain to subside a bit… looks like the rain is not going to subside anytime soon. Anyway how are you today? Have you voted on May 5th GE13?

Rungi Recap April 2013

The month of April was the time I get sick often, thus hampering my work performance throughout the month. I’m feeling well right now, but I have to be more cautious as my health can easily go to worse if I’m careless. The first big thing that I invested was my glasses, after a few months since last year, I decided to buy a new pair. I really love how lightweight and simplistic my new glasses now, like I said before, my morning is not complete without wearing it.

My 30 Day Art Challenge was not complete in the month of April, nonetheless, I will continue on drawing until I finished all of the challenges, that is all that matters now. I still got a half of month worth of artworks to be finished.

This year is the second year that I’ve been to Semporna for Regatta Lepa. From that event, I made friend with Anita, a lady from Netherlands/Holland. She is one of the many tourists that came to Semporna to experience the colorful and culturally unique celebration on the east coast of Sabah. Its business as usual at Semporna, its still feel the same like last year.

Me and Anita enjoyed much throughout the event, we parted ways in the end but still keeping in touch via social network for now.

I also had the opportunity to meet Janrywine and Brenda Londoh up close for the first time during Sabah Fest 2013 press conference. Sabah Fest can be considered as the opening act for Sabah’s festive Kaamatan celebration in the month of May. They always bring spectacular cultural and musical show, a must watch event every year.

Looking forward for the festive season in Sabah, will blog more about happenings in Sabah on my next blog entry. Until then, stay safe, don’t lose that smile, and enjoy your life.





Until then, stay safe, don’t lose that smile, and enjoy your life.

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