Regatta Lepa 2012

Well, here I am, going online in Mabul Cafe. This is the only place where I can have the fastest WiFi access, using DiGi mobile broadband sucks big time. So, I’ve been staying here in Semporna since Monday, although busy with our work and all, I still have some time to go online, enjoy the scenery and taking photos.Most importantly, Regatta Lepa will be happening from 20th to 22nd April.

This year is the first Regatta Lepa event I have been into, the event is one of the most celebrated event in Sabah, in East Coast to be exact. Since I haven’t seen the actual event in my very own eyes, so I just can describe what people have been talking about.

A colourful festival that pays homage to the lepa, a traditional single-mast sailing boat of the Bajaus of Semporna. Witness the crowning of the most beautiful lepa, Lepa Beauty Pageant, cultural performances, fireworks display and much more.
~ Sabah Tourism Board



There are so much things going on, boat parade, community sports, Lepa queen, lantern parade, and the list goes on and on and on. Well, I don’t have much to say for now, I will tell you how I feel about the event after it is over, you just gonna have to wait for it.


but if you’re there, enjoy yourself throughout the event by joining a free guided tour by professional Tour Guide, you heard that, its FREE. Yes! enjoy a very informational tour walk in Regatta Lepa event arean and Semporna town, or, have a historical walk way up on Bukit Tengkorak, or, take a boat ride to witness proboscis monkey in their natural habitat.


Other than that, I’m set to meet two highschool friends tomorrow night, I am very exited about this! :pengen






Regatta Lepa, one of the most unique, and colourful cultural event in Malaysia

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6 Responses

  1. Massy says:

    Work and fun fun. Have fun!

    Btw, meeting 2 highschool friends tu knp hamsap emoticon tu lol

    • Rungitom says:

      I iz exsaited, :malu
      Rungitom latest entry..Regatta Lepa 2012My Profile

  2. Aemy says:

    the boat is so cool! i’ve been there few times, & semporna is a beautiful place 😉
    Aemy latest entry..Behind the SceneMy Profile

    • Rungitom says:

      I just took pics of the Lepa boat just now, I am very exited to blog about it. :happy
      Rungitom latest entry..Regatta Lepa 2012My Profile

  3. DoRa says:

    Wah 😀 I will performing the dance adapted from Regatta Lepa for my IPG kaamatan festival soon
    DoRa latest entry..MigratingMy Profile

    • Rungitom says:

      Whoaa, that is so cool! :matabelo
      Rungitom latest entry..Regatta Lepa 2012My Profile

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