Well, this artwork was kinda rushed and I was not really satisfied with the works. Still, its an achievement since I really can’t draw a woman figure that good since I started on my practice again. This is Day 8 of 30 Day Blog ChallengeSomething with your favorite color, and my most favorite color is Red.

You must be thinking, whats a woman have to do with my favorite color? Well, the color red is fierce, bold and sexy, especially when a woman dressed in red, it just turns me on. So without further ado, let me introduce you to Anissa;

Red Dress Lady

I copied the dress style from a celebrity but I forgot her name, initially I want her to look like Alessandra Torresani. Well, as usual, it turned out to be someone else. I need to brush up my human figure drawing, hopefully I can draw a full body perfectly. Oh, one more thing, you will be seeing more of Anissa in the near future. 😉





Red is sexy

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