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This note was originally written back in November 2014, and now I’m adding up the blogging scene here in KK City after all these years in my own perspective.

I reminisced back when I wrote the first blog entry for year 2014 called “The 5th Ascend”. When you have nothing to do than going online, eating whatever tidbits on the table and drinks in the fridge, your mind can quickly drift away into random stuff. I purposely stayed alone at home and watched the fireworks go off here and there.

I wrote about how I could go far and discover my true/full potential, while trying to make up a master plan throughout the year. Little I did know, I started off the month of January 2014 with much challenges.

How it all turn out to be

The year 2014  is about me facing the reality of a few issues that have been haunting me for years. While I’m dealing with the issues and try come up with a better solution, I started by ‘cleaning up’ my online social networks. I keep only close friends that I really knew or personally met, blogger friends, and things have been less messy since then.

And damn, when it comes to impromptu plans, I’d do it in a snap and everything went ok. But I’m really bad in sticking with my own plans, that I already calculated and set up specifically.

I did achieve a few targets, the most interesting one is my cosplay debut. That is all for 2014 I guess..

Sabahan Bloggers: The Blogging Life

I still remember back in my early years of blogging (2009), I frequently logged on to Blogger and see the latest blog updates from my friends. I got even more active when I finally subscribed to a mobile internet broadband, so I can blog at the comfort of my own home.

As I mentioned in my previous blog entry, the local blogging scene here, online or offline, is not as active as it was years ago. There are less than 20 active Sabahan bloggers at any given time, including me, that still writes long blog entries on personal, reviews, travels and even pictorials.

Its kind of a challenge to actually get them all together for events too,  this was the latest photo of Sabahan bloggers taking a photo together for DiGi 4G LTE launch event.

Sabahan Bloggers at DiGi 4G LTE launching 2014

Sabahan Bloggers at DiGi 4G LTE launching 2014

Over the years, many bloggers come and go, and nowadays their blog are either inactive for a very long time, changed URL but still remain inactive, deleted, locked out from public view, expired (those who bought their own domain name), or they just stopped blogging all together.

Some of them I know, got busy with their career and personal life. The rise of social networks also contributes to lack of blogging activities, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networking service became the new avenue on which bloggers now can write in short or just photos with a little bit of caption for context.

Since there were less updates from my blogger friends, I became too lazy to ‘blogwalk’. Right now, I currently curate active Sabahan Bloggers and bloggers in Borneo island using Feedly. I’m looking for others active bloggers that slipped of my radar this few years, connect with them, and probably rebuild back the once bustling community of bloggers.

feedly blog feed

I’m writing this blog entry not to complain or blaming things, but merely stating how it is the community today and my own way to connect/reconnect with them, online or offline.

Some people say that blogging is on the path of extinction, dead. But as long as I’m still writing, blogging is still alive in




The 5th Ascend is such a fancy name don’t you think?


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