Rainy morning, new stamps and the rare panda

I remembered there was a brief morning shower on September 15, 2015, bu that doesn’t stop me from cancelling my morning mission. I was all prepared to purchase the new special issue by the post office called Malaysia #SehatiSejiwa.

I was expecting a large crowd of stamp enthusiasts and the big buyers turning up that morning, but I was wrong. As the first one who arrived, I was intrigued about the small setup at the KK GPO front yard.

Launching ceremony area

Launching ceremony area

I asked one of the cleaners working at that time, they said there will be a launching ceremony on 2PM for the new stamp issue. Cool, but I can’t join the ceremony because I’m working, and I didn’t expect this to happen.

Launching ceremony stage

Launching ceremony stage

As the GPO door opens sharp on 8:00AM, I was the first on the line to make the purchase!

stamp series collection

The illustrations are great, a fine addition to my personal collection. I didn’t get the postmark stamped because I was really late for work already. I took the chance to take a photo when I was in the GPO. I believe the record for most people turning up to buy special stamps was on the Farm Animals issue.

Buyers at the stamp counter

Buyers at the stamp counter

Its not until Saturday, September 19 that I got the chance to stamp the postmark on my FDC. I was also lucky enough to acquire the special Panda postcard issue that I thought already sold out. I bought 2 sets while ordered another 2 sets earlier from my friend who traveled to West Malaysia.

Stamping postmarks and getting Panda special postcards

Post office stamp pad is the best ever hands down. Crisp, clear and fast drying than the usual office-use stamp pad. I go home happy with my collection completed for this month.

Malaysia sehati sejiwa FDC with postmarks Kota Kinabalu




Until the next special stamps issue, happy collecting!


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