Premium Belgian abbey beer, Grimbergen, launched in East Malaysia

I was invited to witness the launch of premium Belgian abbey beer, Grimbergen, at Kalamatas Resto’ba, Api Api Center.


Luen Heng F&B Sdn Bhd (LHFB), a subsidiary of Carlsberg Malaysia is strengthening its portfolio of imported premium beers with the sole distributorship of Grimbergen beer to East Malaysia.

Premium Belgian abbey beer, Grimbergen, launched in East Malaysia

Ricardo Loh, Marketing Manager of LHFB shared, “LHFB has always been focusing on the time-honoured traditions of good taste.

This Grimbergen beers, the certified Belgian Abbey Beer, herald from the ancient Grimbergen Abbey in Belgium in 1128.

Premium Belgian abbey beer, Grimbergen, launched in East Malaysia

The abbey was destroyed in 3 separated fires. Each time, the monks of Grimbergen took the Phoenix as their symbol; a sign of the Abbey’s perpetual rebirth, and adopted the motto: burned but not destroyed. 

Premium Belgian abbey beer, Grimbergen, launched in East Malaysia

Grimbergen has its full range including Blonde, Ambree & Blanche in 250ml bottle. It will be available soon at other on-premises outlets include trendy bars, hotels and restaurants in East Malaysia.

Grimbergen, born in the middle age in Belgium, is a top fermented beer, ale type, and it offers a large range of beers with its blond, brown, white but also red fruits recipes from 6 to 6.7% alcohol content.

It has the significant taste superiority of the combination of complexity and crispness, right between specialty beers and lagers.

With the wide and established distribution channel in Malaysia, Carlsberg and LHFB believe that this Grimbergen beer will be another appealing alternative to other premium beers.

More information and updates can be found on Grimbergen Malaysia’s Official Facebook page.

– Grimbergen beer is one of a kind beer, I like how the taste slowly build up as you drink the beer. Each range has its own intensity, and I love Ambree because of its rich flavor. Still, I enjoy the other 2 types, which is Blonde and Blanche.

I also got to meet with Diana Tho, who corresponds to me via email on every Carlsberg related events this year.


And of course, photo time with Grimbergen girls,


Here’s more photos from the launch,

DSC_0111 DSC_0110 DSC_0117 DSC_0102 DSC_0100 DSC_0099 DSC_0039 DSC_0062 DSC_0034






“Ardet Nec Consumitur – Burned But Never Destroyed”

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