Prelude to cider

I remembered the time, back in secondary school when I was in ERT (Ekonomi Rumah Tangga) class, we cook chicken rice and made apple juice with the apples we bought from home. Our teacher said that she will teach us how to make cider, but that didn’t happened. Now, what I’m gonna talk about is another type of cider, Somersby cider.

Somersby Trade Launch

I am invited to attend Somersby Trade launch tomorrow night, and this would be a great chance to learn more about cider drinks and my first time drinking cider, the real deal. Here’s the event details,

Somersby Trade Launch Kota Kinabalu event

What is Cider anyway?

Cider is derived by the fermentation of the juice of apples, without adding distilled alcohol. Sugar and apple juice may be added up during the process (or after). Cider can be also made from peach and pear fruit.

Somersby Apple Cider

While cider may refer to non-alcoholic apple cider, hard cider or apple wine are called to the more alcoholic version of the cider. I’m looking forward for the event and hope to get more insights on cider drinks. I will continue on with event report on my next blog entry, til then, have a great weekend! 🙂

Its Somersby Time





From great apples, comes sweet, refreshing cider ~ Lord Somersby


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