Potong Song for Johari Pain

Things always go extremely wrong when someone made a statement, boldly typed and send to social networking plaform for whatever reason it is, backfired to them like a scorpion sting . So apparently one guy made a big buzz on social network today with his ridiculous statement, and that costs.. although may not be happening.. his penis.

Johari Pain made a status update on Facebook, if Pandelela Rinong, a Sarawakian athlete for Malaysian Olympic contingent wins a medal, he will cut off his willy.

And right before I you know it, Pandelela wins her bronze medal in the women’s 10m individual platform event.

The hell starts, twiterrers began to bombard Johari Pain’s twitter, @JohariPain with all sorts of… encouragements to cut off his penis. Here are some of the tweets,

“Johari Pain telah berjanji akan mengerat k***nya kalau Pandelela berjaya meraih pingat. Sebarkan! #JanjiDitepati” ~ @KhairilAnuar

“#ThankYouPandelela you’ve just proved that a woman can KILL a MAN’S EGO. Attn: Johari Pain ;p” ~ @GenevieWanAnyie

“Hahahahahahaha! Johari pain for the win! Come mon friend, Chop it off!” ~ @EddyAkhmar

“I didn’t knw who is this Johari Pain.. But make Malaysian proud as how #PandelelaRinong make us proud.. Sila potooonnnggg!! Potttooonnnggg!!” ~ @CapriAlya

“i think government should organise ‘himpunan sejuta belia’ to witness a guy ‘honorable act’ — “Janji Ditepati, Janji Dikerati Johari Pain” ~ @shahrimtamrin

“Apa lagi, jom la buat #TwtupJohariPain sambut dia di pejabat, bawa lirik ramai-ramai nyanyi untuk tunjuk kita bangga dengan @JohariPain” ~@Superredpatek

“aku harap #JohariPain menghormati tema merdeka kali ni. #JanjiDitepati” ~ @rusaGAJAH

“Terlajak perahu boleh diundur lagi, terlajak pos di #FB memang akan hilang jantina.. RIP #Bebird #JohariPain :)” ~ @MizzEima

“nak raya, biasa putus jari main mercun, tapi raya tahun ni akan ada seorang putus kote #joharipain” ~ @noh_hafiz

Johari Pain’s Facebook profile pic, hmm, which one is him?

Well, as the old malay saying, kerana santan pulut binasa, kerana mulut badan binasa. I really hope he doesn’t get chased by an angry mob who want his penis cut off, the Facebook status has been deleted and somehow, and apology from him has been made.

He regretted saying it, too late

That doesn’t stop from making #JohariPain and #JanjiDikerati from trending today. But anyway Johari Pain, this song is just suitable for you, courtesy of P1 Wimax,






potong sajalah~ ♫

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4 Responses

  1. gladysdavid says:

    Joke of the day.

    He has done something that is absolutely unnecessary and stupid.
    I personally think that he learned his lesson now.

    Lols at janji dikerati

  2. Gee says:

    dui.. reversal pnya janji.. hee..

  3. Fadzmie says:

    Putung, jangan nda putung. Manusia dipegang pada janji bah orang bilang. Haha.
    Fadzmie latest entry..Permulaan yang baru?My Profile

  4. menj says:

    Hahahaha….the “potong” promise aside (which he will never do anyway), Malaysians sure are a humourous lot.
    menj latest entry..Chua Soi Lek is an anti-Islam turd headMy Profile

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