Postcrossing: Rungitom’s way to travel the world

So when is the last time you get a mail or postcards? And by this I mean a real mail, not the recurring bill statements and promotional newsletter that you inadvertently agreed to get every single month. The last time I ever sent a mail was back in 1998 to my late dad in Brunei, and thats it, no more after that.

Postcrossing Logo

Enter Postcrossing, a postcard crossing project inspired by a simple reason, there are lots of people who like to receive real mail. The goal of this project is to allow people to receive postcards from all over the world, for free.

After I registered myself on Postcrossing, I get the chance to send postcards to first five Postcrossers,

Rungitom's postcards for fellow Postcrossers

These are for my Postcrossing friends in France, USA, Latvia, China and Japan.

postcards ready to be sent

I admit that my handwriting is a mess from all the keyboard typing these few years.

tommykupo's artwork

Postcrossing is something new that I want to try in 2012. Since I can’t travel to other continents as often as I like, at least with this, I put a “part” of myself to travel around the world.

Mail Now And Then

Mail Now And Then

I don’t know when I can get a postcard from other Postcrossers, but thats one key element in this project, the element of surprise. You may never know when you can get one, until then, just spread the love with inspiring postcards and your own words. You will never know how big deal it is for them to receive a postcard from you.

If you are interested, please visit, register yourself as a Postcrosser and start your own postcard adventure!


Oh by the way, when is the last time you ever sent a mail? 🙂






Postcrossing: Rungitom’s way to travel the world

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15 Responses

  1. Sapphire St. says:

    Welcome to Postcrossing!

  2. gladysdavid says:

    Welcome to the Postcrossing club! ;p
    Direct swap!

    • gladysdavid says:

      Oh no, don’t forget to blur out your receiver’s address if you’re going to post the pic online…

    • Rungitom says:

      Whoops!, :kaget

      Okay, fixed. :swtt
      Rungitom latest entry..Postcrossing: Rungitom’s way to travel the worldMy Profile

  3. gee says:

    The last time I ever send a mail was at 2000 something, when the pen pal thingy was quite a hit.. hehe.. Interesting postcrossing.. Do let us see the postcards that you get from other post crosser k.. 🙂
    gee latest entry..Oldtown Cafe, Shopping..Archery..My Profile

    • Rungitom says:

      Ah yes, I remembered that some mags have column for pen pals address in those days. I will surely post a blog entry when I get a postcard from my Postcrossing friend.
      Rungitom latest entry..Postcrossing: Rungitom’s way to travel the worldMy Profile

  4. Check out my latest post and you will see I interested too to receive postcards from my friends or even bloggers which I met through online. Someone did shared with me that postcrossing link too but I haven’t check that out.
    Diana Diane Teo latest entry..Post The Card (Part 2)My Profile

    • Rungitom says:

      Checking it out now. :hepii
      Rungitom latest entry..Postcrossing: Rungitom’s way to travel the worldMy Profile

  5. Wabbit says:

    Okay, tonight pass you 1 from Sydney :p

    • Rungitom says:

      Alright! :XD

  6. Just says:

    mine should be in 2001! 11years ago??!! Geezzz…..

    • Rungitom says:

      Almost as long as me, hehe.

  7. Aemy says:

    gosh i can’t remember when did the last time i send postcard/mail..haha..
    yeah i think it’s a good idea to do it back. its nice to receive mails from far-away friends. i’m visiting the site now. thx for sharing 😉
    Aemy latest entry..Food Attack at Puncak Iqra’My Profile

  8. Arms says:

    Believe it or not, I don’t know what in the world is postcrossing. Hahaa.

    Okay now I know.


  9. lydia1212 says:

    I saw someone tweeted u about postcrossing on Twitter so here I am, guess it’ll be fun.

    Thank u for sharing 😉

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