Postcrossing: The Gotochi postcard

I can’t believe myself when Takako from Japan agreed to swap with me her Gotochi postcard, plus, with a few equally beautiful postcards as well.

Gotochi postcard are designed to represent a place in Japan and released by the Japanese Postal System. The name ‘Gotochi’ means ‘local’ in Japan, so each areas (Kyoto, Akita, Kanagawa, etc) has their own unique designs. These postcards are most sought after by postcards enthusiast around the world, and I am lucky enough to get one.

Every single postcard had its own protective plastic cover, all put together into another plastic cover for extra protection. I really admire the length that Takako go through to get the postcards

From: Takako
Country: Japan
Postcard series: POSTA COLLECT Gotochi postcard, Kanagawa sukajan 2012 (PB15G4),  NBC Inc. (024), PIN UP (NP 836 and TY 56)
Category: Postcard Direct Swap via Facebook
Received: April 2014

The Gotochi postcard of Kanagawa

Takako postcard n1 April 2014

POSTA COLLECT Gotochi postcard, Kanagawa sukajan 2012 (PB15G4)

Sukajan is a combination of American Letterman/Varsity jacket style with striking beauty of Japanese motifs on it.

It is said to have originated from Yokusuka in Kanagawa Prefecture where its name is thought to have come from – “Suka” from Yokosuka and “Jan” from the Japanese term Jumper or ジャンパー or jacket in layman’s term. (source:

Takako postcard n4 April 2014

NBC Inc. 024

Takako postcard n3 April 2014

PIN UP, NP 836

Takako postcard n2 April 2014



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