Postcrossing: First artwork swap

This is the first swap I made between a postcard and an original artwork. When I do the swap with Alena, I assumed that she is going to make a custom/hand-made postcard with her artworks. But it turns out as just an artwork on a piece of paper.

Nonetheless, me as an artwork enthusiast was astonished by her works, very clean outlines and evenly coloured. It’s one of the best artworks I have been given, or in this case, swapped. Alena is super talented, I wish I could see how she does her artworks.

From: Alena K.
Country: Russia
Postcard series: Non postcard, own artworks
Category: Direct Swap via Facebook
Received: April 2014

Alena artwork postcrossing Russia April 2014

Alena artwork postcrossing Russia April 2014

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