Postcrossing: Correos stamped postcard from Spain

The one thing that had my attention glued is the postal stamps, ‘Correos‘ logo was included in this special stamp, I haven’t seen something like this before.

correos stamp

correos stamp

I posted up this postcard to Postcrossing group to ask their views on it, some of them said this is the ‘Metered’ stamp, ‘paid postage chop’. A user named Rosemie said that the post office clerk asked her “machine or stamp?”

Marichie Postcrossing from Spain said;

“I can explain why this happens sometimes. 🙂  I live in Spain and when I don’t have stamps and go to the post office they take the cards from me and look for price etc and then they just put this (at least here) and they never let me put stamps. I even ask and they don’t let me they just say no its already done and then they take it away and they wont even let me take a picture. 🙁 “

Mariana from Argentina also said that their post office had the same system;

“It is the same in Argentina. You have 2 options to send a postcard/envelope. Put the correct amount of stamps and put it in the mailbox at the office (then they put the rubber stamp and deliver it) or leave the postcard/envelope to the worker and they put a sticker on it with the price and date. The sticker here looks like this…”

Argentina postal "sticker"

Argentina postal “sticker”

Marco from Costa Rica also commented about similar system;

“Costa Rica has a similar situation. Some years ago the postal service replaced regular stamps for a sticker like the picture below. You can only send envelopes/postcards with regular stamps if you really ask for it on the counter AND if they have some available in that particular office. It kinda sucks.”

Costa Rica postal 'sticker'

Costa Rica postal ‘sticker’



So in summary, this system is a paid postage system that can be used as an alternative to stamps or other postage systems. Another interesting thing is about the Correos itself.

Sociedad Estatal de Correos y Telégrafos, S.A., trading as Correos, is the national postal service of Spain, as recognized by the Universal Postal Union. The company is 100% state owned, through the State Industrial Holding Company (SEPI). With 63,000 employees and 5.4 billion pieces of mail sent each year, Correos is one of the largest postal services in the world. Based in Madrid, it has over 10,000 postal centres all over Spain. (wikipedia)

From: Alba
Country: Spain
Postcard series: Area De Bon-Bon (Pontevedra)
Received: April 2014

Alba-postcard-postcrossing-Spain-April-2014 b


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