Postcrossing: Beauty of Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn is one beautiful lady, thanks to Lucie from Czech Republic for swapping these postcards with me. She even add some tea bags inside the envelope, the great smell still stick to the postcards!

From: Lucie N.
Country: Czech Republic
Postcard series: Pyramid Posters, PC9498 Audrey Hepburn (Soft Light), PC9538 Audrey Hepburn (Roman Holiday), PC9523 Audrey Hepburn (Princess), extra: PC9488 Audrey Hepburn (Roman Holiday)
Category: Postcard Direct Swap via Facebook (put in an envelope)
Received: April 2014


Lucie-postcard-April-n1-2014 b

Lucie-postcard-April-n3-2014 b

PC9523 Audrey Hepburn (Princess)

PC9523 Audrey Hepburn (Princess)

She received my postcards before I did, and to top all this, she sent me a “Thank You” postcard, which surprises me, another beautiful Audrey Hepburn postcard in my collection.

Lucie-postcard-thanks-April-2014 b




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  1. Shaelee says:

    Roman Holiday was a good movie but it wasn’t my favorite.
    Shaelee latest entry..Audrey Hepburn QuotesMy Profile

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