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Since I posted about my received direct swap postcards back in Tuesday, a few of my  friends asked me on Facebook how did I do it. So here’s the story on how I get into this, I hope this story will shed some light to you and spark interest for your own postcard adventure.

It all began with Postcrossing, introduced to me by fellow blogger Sapphire St. This is a website that focuses on a community to send and register received postcards. Why? because there are still people who love the old fashioned way to send messages across the world (that includes me), and Postcrossing is really what these people need.

Rungitom's postcards for fellow Postcrossers

It works like this, you register as a member on that site, get a few addresses from random members, and write them a postcard. Hopefully by the end of the day, they received it and make their day.

You will also receive random postcards from other members, you register it as ‘received’ on the website, read the message written on the postcard and be happy for the rest of the day.

This activity gives me a great insight on postcard series on Sabah, postcard series such as NH, SHC, Opus, Kinacat, BAPC, Kadaiku, Awang Fadillah are abundant in the city. The older postcards are hard to get, rare and pricey, for example these postcards below,

(2) Memorial Clock Tower Jesselton

(2) Memorial Clock Tower Jesselton

(1) Chrome Postcard, Water Front of Jesselton, Winner Hotel & Shopping Centre in Background. Published by S.W Singapore, JS 8322

(1) Chrome Postcard, Water Front of Jesselton, Winner Hotel & Shopping Centre in Background. Published by S.W Singapore, JS 8322

This is NH series postcard below is rather old, weathered and numbered NH-22, currently the NH series is at its 300 – 400+, so I could consider this as near-rare postcard.

NH 22 Sabah Labuan postcard

The Direct Swap

Direct Swap means that you and another postcard enthusiast ‘swaps’ each other postcards, this, may based on mutual agreement on what type of postcards wanted for both party. These postcards are not ‘registered’ so you can’t actually track if its already arrived to the destination or not.

You can do this via private messaging on Postcrossing site or join any a postcard enthusiast group on social nerworks. Just imagine a place where people trade their postcards and more. Here are a few ‘offers’ posted up in the group that I joined on Facebook,

*names are blurred for privacy

Postcrossing group post 2

Postcrossing group post 3

Postcrossing group post


Of course before you pick any postcards you like, you should set an album of postcards you can offer to them, host your postcard images on any image hosting site, keep the link to be given to interested individuals, for example, my own postcard album.

If both parties are interested, discussions can be made via private messaging, stamped and written, put it in envelope, maybe even put in a few extras, like cute stickers or tea bags.

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset


Processed with VSCOcam


Postal stamping wise, you can use MYR 0.50 stamp regardless the size, thank goodness POS Malaysia didn’t revised the postal rates for postcards yet. I also love to put postal stamps in a variety of denominations or commemorative postal stamps. I can put up to MYR 1.00 on postcards and MYR 3.00 – 4.00 for bulk postcards I put in an envelope.

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset

A friendly reminder, always be quick and on time sending the postcards, the best record yet was my postcard to Ukraine took only 6 days to arrive.

Anyway, these postcards are actually the first few that came in via direct swap, and there’s actually a lot more to come, so here I am waiting patiently…

Received postcards via direct swapping 2

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Sure this activity is money and time consuming, but then again, if you enjoy doing it, you don’t give a damn and enjoy as much as you like. So far, everything is great, trust is very important in postcard direct swapping. But please do not let this deter your spirit, sometimes you get it, sometimes you don’t, postal stuff can get ‘missing’ sometimes.

Until then, Happy Postcrossing!


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Going around the world with postcards.


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  1. Diana Teo says:

    Signed up postcrossing for so long but haven’t start yet. Should start now cause I also love postcards so much. Up to date, I have more than 200 postcards. Thanks for sharing about direct swap too.

    By the way Tom, mostly from where you went and hunt for Sabah postcards? I saw few in Suria Sabah and Wisma Merdeka.
    Diana Teo latest entry..I Almost Missed My Flight Due To Daylight Saving TimeMy Profile

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