More postcards arrived

The second batch of postcards arrived last week and it really made my day. The previous batch of arrived postcards had already been showcased on my blog, and now I’m prepping up for this new ones for next month, so its going to be informative and cool.

New postcards arrived

New postcards arrived

For now, I’m going to get more postal stamps, getting the commemorative ones if possible. I’m also going to slow down on buying postcards for now and finish up my current ‘to be sent’ pile, but I’m still on the lookout for some rare postcards out there to add up to my personal collection of Sabah postcards.

Sabah Borneo Postcrossers special

This is something interesting thing I wanted to do for the tentative Sabah Postcrossers meet, that may happen next month. I mentioned this to some of my postcrosser friends in Sabah via twitter for special commemorative postcard designs.

I’ve already made a few basic designs sketches and tried to combine both out event theme and also Sabah’s Kaamatan festival. This will be interesting and unique, let see how it goes by then.


Personally, there is this great enjoyment in writing a postcard, sticking the postal stamp and maybe put some decorations to it before sending it to the mailbox. And its a huge excitement in receiving postcards too. Sending postcards is a great hobby for me in this modern digital world. These postcards I received appeal to me like a rare treasure or relics, that cannot be reproduced in any way.

Each of them are unique and special.



There is this great enjoyment in writing a postcard.





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  1. J-Mei says:

    Totally agree with you that “There is this great enjoyment in writing a postcard.”. I also love in writing postcard 🙂
    J-Mei latest entry..Let’s Travel Magazine January 2014My Profile

    • Tom Rungitom says:

      Hey, lets swap postcards then. 😀
      Tom Rungitom latest entry..More postcards arrivedMy Profile

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