Perfect condition

Funny how I may have found the perfect condition to get some inspiration and the drive to do my artworks.  A break from doing artworks for many years really hampered my skills, and here I hope to practice it again so I could finish many of the artworks that I left halfway. Perhaps I could also give some digital treatment for my old artworks, so I brought this 3 piece of my old artwork ans scanned it.

Being used to traditional method all this while makes it hard for me to do this, moreover, I no longer have a PC with me so I did this during lunchtime at the workplace. Minho of Sprocketpunk suggested me earlier this year to get a Wacom Tablet to study doing artworks digitally, I really hope I could buy one soon.

digital form artwork, in progress

digital form artwork, in progress

Last night I’m doing a new artwork to commemorate and event coming soon, after throwing a few papers in my trash bin, I feel like I finally nailed the initial design for this character.

Oh you were wondering whats the perfect condition is? Its simple, I need to listen to a radio broadcast while doing my artworks, similar to what I did when I was in the peak in artworking.

Kinda weird isn’t it? But I guess thats how I roll for now, TRAXX FM is the radio station that I listen to right now, right kind of music and right kind of DJ talking random stuff. Tonight I’m going to finish that new artwork, and hopefully I could get it scanned and coloured it digitally by tomorrow.



Trial and Error

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