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If you still haven’t noticed yet, P1 has finally reached Sabah with its official launch on September 13, 2012. Finally I get to see another new player in the broadband game, with my hopes of a better broadband packages and services.  Launching of the P1 service in Sabah was officiated by the Deputy Minister of Communications and Culture, Yang Berhormat Datuk Joseph Salang. The event took place at Le Meridien Hotel, witnessed by guests, medias and also us, the bloggers.

bloggers and media

About Packet One Networks

Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (P1), a subsidiary of Green Packet Berhad with South Korea leading operator, SK Telecom as second largest shareholder, is Malaysia’s first and leading 4G telecomunication company. P1 represents the first large-scale commercial 4G WiMAX deployment in Southeast Asia.

Although LTE is still in its infancy in Malaysia, P1 is already gearing up for 4G LTE transition and deployment through strong strategic partnerships with the world’s largest LTE proponents namely Qualcomm International, China Mobile Limited and being accepted into the elite Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI) that encompasses more than half the world’s market potential. P1 goal is to bridge the digital divide by making access to the internet universal, ubiquitous and affordable for every Malaysian.

The launching

the beautiful emcee

the beautiful emcee

After the arrival of YB and opening remarks by the Emcee, Michael Lai, CEO for P1 came up the stage for his welcoming speech. In his speeech, the company believed that there is a pent-up demand for high performance and affordable high speed broadband in Sabah, which P1 4G services can fulfill. With that being said, P1 invest RM30 million to kick start its East Malaysia service deployment.

P1 CEO Michael Lai welcoming speech

Starting off rapidly with their aggresive rollout plan, P1 intend to cover approximately 80% households in Kota Kinabalu within six months. Michael Lai also added that with P1 entry in Sabah, they passed another key milestone in their goal to provide Broadband for All.

Yang Berhormat Datuk Joseph Salang speech

Yang Berhormat Datuk Joseph Salang, in his speech mentioned about the importance of broadband connectivity to boost industries, such as tourism, agriculture etc.

“I am pleased to see companies like P1 help spur broadnabd adoption in East Malaysia and the rest of the nation. It is the government’s target to further raise household broadband penetration to 75% by 2015 and to address the digital divide between urban and rural areas. I am confident that we can achieve and even surpass this target with the key initiatives that the government has put in place and with the support by the private sector.” He added.

P1 4G Broadband in Sabah officially launched

P1 4G Broadband in Sabah officially launched

After the launch, we have our light refreshments, shutterbug mode: ON

shutterbugs at work

shutterbugs at work

Lorna Margaret and Nath

lovely P1 girl duo

Shortly after that, we joined the press conference and also got the chance to chat and take photos with Michael Lai.

P1 CEO Michael Lai

He’s a very friendly person, he tells about his vision about Sabah’s future in broadband technology where it will be all going wireless and faster than before (4G).

Sabah Bloggers with P1 CEO Michael Lai


The 4G revolution

P1 devices

P1 service are powered by 4G wireless technology which is said to be a more efficient ‘data highway’ compared with either conventional copper wire ADSL or 3G. P1’s product range includes fixed-access home broadband with fixed phone service and on-the-go broadband for both consumers and businesses. Sabahans can also expect a new broadband experience from 4G wireless as it is ‘plug-and-play’, removes the hassle of wiring or the long waiting time for service installation.

Broadband on the go

The 4G technology is designed for rapid and wide area deployment, which serves as the best solution for cost-effective broadband access compared to current broadband technologies. Currently, residents in Taman Parkway, Taman Selesa, Taman Kemajuan, Warisan Village, Karamunsing and Taman Sempelang are able to enjoy P1’s full range of products and services.

Motorola cordless phone

P1 will continue to cover more areas in KK by the day, followed by Sandakan and Tawau. This expansion however, is not done within days, Michael said that the expansion may take up to 6 – 9 months with the support of local authorities to build the needed facilities. The company will also be introducing their cuting-edge 4G to Kuching by year end.

P1 MiFi MX230P1 broadband packages does give a better speed and also bigger quota, which is very good for a heavy user such as me. Do check out p1.com.my/ to view all the packages info and check coverage area.

To end my blog entry, here’s a photo of me with two gorgeous P1 girls. 😉

Rungitom with P1 girls






Broadband for All

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  1. Arms says:

    Dude, I left KK on the 11th. If I was there longer, I would go there too for sure. And take a pic with that beauty on the right. Wakakaa.

    Happy Monday, dude!
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    • Rungitom says:

      Hehehe, next time its your chance. :masa
      Happy Monday to you too bro.
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    Ehh, got someone I knew in your first pic. lol. thanks for stopping by at my blog 🙂

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      Hi Luna, thank you for visiting my blog too. :happy
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  3. de engineur says:

    I suppose it’ll just be 3G for this year as 4G (LTE) will only be rolled out here later next year.
    The Standard Radio System Plan at 2.6GHz (for 4G)has just been issued by MCMC this month.

    Anyway, P1 will certainly provide alternative.

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