Otafuse 2014, A different experience

OTAFUSE was the event that propels me deep into the world of ACG enthusiast in Sabah. If its not because of this event, perhaps I would still be oblivious about the ACG scene in Sabah for another few years.

Otafuse 2014

Otafuse theme this year is SCHOOL DAYS/OTAFUSE GAKUEN, its great to see cosplayers don cute Japan styled school uniforms. Its not compulsory to wear school uniform style, so cosplayers still have the freedom to choose which costume to wear.  While visiting and taking photographs, I also did a small interview session with a few bloggers for my write up for BorneoColours.com, you can see the link to the article here.


The event is packed with ACG enthusiast and curious visitors, they simply can’t miss this chance to take photographs. I saw a few ‘professional’ photographers on scene, judging by the heavy gears the brought with them. but they didn’t stay longer to experience the event, my guess is they are just looking for the nicest ones, take a shot and leave the scene.

The amount of collectibles and creative products are also abundant, too bad I can’t buy and due to my budget limit. I will set a budget for next year, you’ll see.

Always a new experience

Year by year, joining up such events got even more fun as I made new friends, randomly chatting with cosplayers and discover hidden young creative talents in Sabah. This year too, instead of idling, wandering around aimlessly and taking photographs, I spend more time chatting with friends over ice blended tea and toasts. Thank goodness I didn’t wreck my legs this time.

Feels so much fun with them around. 🙂

Some tips from me

Event goers like me should take not on a few things to enjoy the event without undesired complications;

Respect the cosplayers, booth caretaker – Taking photos is fun, but you must also respect the cosplayers and booth caretakers. Cosplayers deserve their rest from time to time (they are humans too), so don’t pull them in again for the sake of taking photos, ask politely and remember to thank them too. Back off and meet again another time if they need to rest.

Some booth caretakers don’t like their products photos being taken, remember to ask and thank them later for their permission.

Hydrate! (HAIL HYDRATE!!) –  Drink enough water so you won’t feel dry and dizzy from walking around, if you’re feeling hungry, eat!

Keep clean – Please do not litter, this action may have big consequences to the organizers themselves.

Remember your belongings and merchandises bought – Please keep in mind of your important belongings (ID card, money, handbags) and also merchandises you bought from the various booth. I saw quite a few incidents regarding lost items, so be cautious.

Photography wise, I’ve learned a lot and getting better, but there is still a lot more to improve. Here are some nice photos taken during those two day event, big thanks to all cosplayers and friends who posed for my camera. 😀

You can check out more photos on my Facebook page, The Rungitom. Big thanks to the organizers for making Otafuse 2014 a success, although I do see a few hiccups here and there, it didn’t hamper my enjoyment at all.

By following up the cosplayers activities, I can really see their passion in cosplaying their favourite characters. Their progress always amuses me up to a point that I would like to do for myself, yes, me cosplaying.

I’m getting there, as I promised myself to do at least one or two cosplays for the next event, I am working hard to make this happen soon.



Otafuse 2014, class dismissed!


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  1. Makochii says:

    wow nice
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    • Tom Rungitom says:

      Thank you. ^_^
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  2. pjal says:

    i look forward your cosplay 😀

    • Tom Rungitom says:

      Soon… 😀
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