Not your usual Mirai

When talking about the song ‘Mirai’, you may instantly think about the Japanese band Kiroro, or maybe even Mirai Nikki. but this song was actually performed by Hiromi Iwasaki.


I began to know about this singer through Morning Musume, who covered her song called ‘Romance’. From there, I began to listen more of her songs via Youtube and found it very likeable.

Hiromi-Iwasaki-Yurikago-No-Uta -Aishouka-Shuu

Hiromi Iwasaki is a Japanese singer that debuted in 1975, she have since published 52 singles and 19 albums.

One of her greatest achievements was the Silver Prize award at Tokyo Music Festival 1981 for the song ‘Koimachigusa’.


Songs like Sentimental, and the one featured in this Music Monday entry, Mirai, are my favourites.

Whats interesting is, she was born the same date and month as I am, with only 1958 as her born year. Woohoo~

Hiromi Iwasaki today

Hiromi Iwasaki today

This song has a strong disco vibe and catchy melody, which suits my retro music affinity.

These past few days was a long trip to the past, not only in music but also the cultures and trends of 70s to 90s Japan.

It makes me even more interested to look how my hometown used to look like back in the early days. But that, will be another story…

Anyway, I didn’t get the romaji or english translation for the lyrics, so I put up the Original Japanese written lyrics first. I will update when I finally got the right translated lyrics.

Until next time, Have a great Monday start!

未来 (Mirai)

Music: Kyohei Tsutsumi / 筒美京平
Lyrics: Yuu Aku / 阿久悠

あゝ 私の未来はあなたと同じ
あゝ あなたの未来は私と同じ

二人だけ 白い部屋

あゝ 私の未来はあなたと同じ
あゝ あなたの未来は私と同じ

何もかも あずけて

あゝ 私の未来はあなたと同じ
あゝ あなたの未来は 私と同じ . . .




あゝ 私の未来はあなたと同じ


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  1. It is nice to read an article about Hiromi Iwasaki in english. Her greatest song is called “Madonna tachi no Lullaby”. It sold more than 1 millions of copies.
    Hiromi made until now 67 singles, 28 original albums and 12 cover albums. She is still today in activity.

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