A new horror awaits you: The Reformatory at Imago Mall

Horror returns to Imago Mall with THE REFORMATORY! The event starts on 14 October 2016 and ends on 13 November 2016, situated at The Oval (Centre Court), Ground Floor, with entrance tickets available for redemption upon RM100 accumulated spending with valid receipts on a single day in outlets at Imago. Read along to find out more about this event!


Their debut haunted house last year, THE INFIRMARY, was a very successful event for Imago that saw long queues, with patrons eager to experience it. The entire layout of this haunted house, which essentially a building within a building (yo dawg!), I mean the mall, was constructed in less than two weeks.

Imago lined up a “Prison Break” event that happened on 8-9 October 2016 as a teaser event. Free tickets to enter The Reformatory giveaway is happening through a Facebook-only contest and competitions at ERA FM, MY FM and Hitz FM radio stations from 17 – 21 October 2016. You might want to try your luck for the contest, so check out the respective channels for more info. There will also be an event for kids come Halloween on the 30th October 2016. “Trick or Treat” event is open to kids aged 15 years old and below.


Imago Shopping Mall, winner of two 5-star awards at the International Property Awards competition this year, claimed that the event this year will be different, and are hoping that the surprises, shocks and scares within the “abandoned jail” will leave participants screaming, their adrenaline pumping and leave them talking long after. With two routes to choose from, entry is at the upper floor with the exit at the lower, and participants can only move forward.


With tough competition now in the retail industry, shopping mall owners and operators are creating more exciting events to create excitement and buzz as part of their marketing campaign. Owner and operator of Imago, Asian Pac Holdings Berhad and its Executive Director, Dr. Yu Tat Loong, explained that it is the changing functionality of a shopping mall that makes it more important to have immersing and experiential events.

“People love to connect, whether through social media or actually meeting up. A shopping mall is no longer just a place to shop and dine, but a social and community space as well. A properly-planned event, such as ‘The Reformatory’, will give the community something to experience together at Imago,” explained Yu.
It is rare that a shopping mall goes for a horror-themed event to such an extent, but Yu is convinced that the focus is not on the horror element but the emotions involved when going through the course that makes it a must-go.

“We all grew up listening to horror stories from family and friends. We watch horror movies and there are myths that still continue to scare us to this modern day, but experiencing horror itself is very different. To go through The Reformatory is like evoking our deepest subconscious, old memories and fears. We all love a good scare once in a while, and then we come out joking and laughing about it. We hope that this is what will make the event so special and memorable for those who dare to venture into it,” said Yu.

For further info and latest updates, visit imago.my or log on to Imago Shopping Mall Facebook page.






THE REFORMATARY carries a reputation for its highly guarded and strict security system, but in reality it carries hidden secrets buried within its walls. In the end no one knows what had happened inside the prison. Are the prisoners still alive? Dead? What is the evil that lurks within its walls? Are you ready to face the fear? Do you want to be the first to experience THE REFORMATORY and find out what lies beneath?!


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