MYACON (Mid Year Anime Convention) 2014

Coming this 14 – 15 June 2014, there will be an event called MYACON (Mid Year Anime Convention) 2014. I found about this event through one of their online competition, subsequently found the event’s Facebook group. The event will be held at INTI College Sabah, Putatan from 10AM to 4PM


This was the latest information update posted by Charlie Hsu (probably the organizing committee leader) from the Facebook group timeline;

Let me briefly tell what is available on MYACON 2nd floor.

The layout I just post is just selling booths,

  1. MOE HOUSE, OKAMI, and COLLIN CHOO with their awesome figurines and gundam models for sell!
  2. HUZAIRI with his new games made specially for our upcoming customers! Very limited! Grab yours quick when you reach there!
  3. REI ROBIN with his awesome artistic creation. Too awesome is just not enough to describe. Come see for yourself !!!
  4. HOSHI will be selling Vanguard, bracelets, bags, Figures, stationeries and also they will have lucky draws!! come try your luck and see what you can win!
  5. D’littleParadise will be selling items that cosplayers will need! especially make up’s and accesories! Come see for yourself all the awesome items she sells in MYACON!
  6. HARMONY PLUSHIES! You can find all kinds of handmade softdoll and cute plushies on this booth. Come and Visit this wonderful booth. I’m so looking forward for this 
  7. REVOLUTION YOER! The First official Yo-Yo Team in Sabah!! Of course by First, you can see that this team will be super COOL. Proud to have them here for MYACON!
  8. Flower and Thunder! Only in Anime Convention like this, you can find all kind of beautiful, awesome, passionate extreamely skilled hand drawn artworks! also, some interesting, comfortable anime clothings that can let you feel like your favorite character! There is also cute handmade items we will always like because this can only be found here.

You think this is too little? I told you this is just the selling booth. on the same floor level, before entering the selling booth hall, you will smell the delicious TAKOYAKI and you can buy SUSHI from a special room which will be made by JAPANESE DREAM FOOD!

there will be four game booths. Two will be classical and modern games and two more will be festivals games like you always see in summer festivals. have you ever try FISHING WATER YOYO BALLOON? Yes we are buying it straight from Japan just to let you experience this! One last game will be kept secret.

Come and enjoy our MYACON!

Sounds exciting, they even have maid cafe!  But unfortunately, I would not make it for the event because I’m already attached to do something else on that same weekend. For you guys who are interested, come down and experience it for yourself. If you need more info and ticketing, do check out the Facebook group.



Come and enjoy our MYACON! ~ Charlie Hsu

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