Morning Musume, Ongaku no Hi live performance

Fans are really anticipating Morning Musume’s live performance since the graduation of Tanaka Reina. That includes me because I was so eager to see how they fare without Reina in the group. That chance comes when Morning Musume had their spot to perform at Ongaku no Hi/音楽の日 (Day of Music).

Ongaku no Hi

Ongaku no Hi is a TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System) special programme that started since 2011 where it features back to back performance for like 8 hours in its first year.

This time, this show will be broadcasted on June 29th and will last for 13 hours!, making it the longest running music program ever.


The group gave a full performance of their 53rd single, “Brainstorming” in front of a live audience.

I like the spirit when they were performing, feels like they are giving it their 200%, really showing that they are going on stronger than ever.

Maachan (Sato Masaki) and Fukuhime (Fukumure Mizuki) took Reina’s line in this song and they did flawlessly. Credits to the other members too because each of them did an awesome performance too.


This performance is just a way of the group saying, “Hey, our  upcoming 54th single will rock your world!”

momusu_ongaku_no_hi_2013_3 momusu_ongaku_no_hi_2013_1 momusu_ongaku_no_hi_2013_2

The anticipation build up as the release date for the 54th single is still unconfirmed. Well, I’ll leave that to Tsunku.


Pic source: Hello! Online
Ongaku no Hi info:




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