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Morning Musume/モーニング娘, is a singing group that goes way back in 1997, where the formation of the group masterminded by Yamazaki Naoki and managed by their producer Tsunku. Now this guy, Tsunku, is basically the guy who is responsible to everything about the group to date, from singles to even the costume designs.



Morning Musume, the first generation in 1997

Morning Musume, the first generation in 1997

Whats interesting about them is the graduation/audition system that became the integral part of Morning Musume life cycle. To date, the group is coming to its 12th Generation member.

Why am I telling about this popular JPop group?

Well, the Morning Musume a.k.a MoMusu fanboy spirit rekindled within me after years of not following their updates since their last single, “Kanashimi Twilight/悲しみトワイライト” in 2007.

Morning Musume 2006-2007 lineup, just before Mitsui Aika comes in as 8th Generation member, and Konno Asami with Ogawa Makoto graduation

Morning Musume 2006-2007 lineup, just before Mitsui Aika comes in as 8th Generation member, and Konno Asami with Ogawa Makoto graduation

The names,

Top from Left: Yoshizawa Hitomi, Michishige Sayumi, Konno Asami, Kamei Eri, Risa Niigaki, Ogawa Makoto.

Below from left: Koharu Kusumi, Takahashi Ai, Tanaka Reina, Fujimoto Miki

Yes, I am a big fan of Morning Musume, accidentally introduced to them back in late 2006 on my last semester in college. It all started with this video,

It also comes with a bunch of other videos related to Morning Musume, which was collected from my friends who happens to randomly download stuff from the internet.  One of the 5th Generation member, Takahashi Ai a.k.a Ai-chan became most favourite member of all.

Takahashi Ai

Takahashi Ai

I love their upbeat and catchy songs, I love their variety of personalities I love their history as they progress from just a small group to idol status.

Morning Musume, 2013

As I mentioned earlier, my interest sparked back when I read the online news that Michishige Sayumi a k.a Sayumin (6th Generation member) was the current leader and the only remaining member I knew back in 2007. She, together with nine new members of 9th, 10th and 11th Generation formed the current lineup.

I took some time to dig up the past activities of the group mainly from Hello! Project wiki site and reacvivating my dormant account on Hello! Online forum board. So much interesting stories, especially their career after graduating from Morning Musume.

I miss Yossi, Mikitty, Kame-chan, Koha-chan, Gaki-san, Aika-chan, Tanaka-chan (I call her cute neko-chan), Mako-chan, Konkon and especially Ai-chan who I love the most. A big bummer because I didn’t follow the progress of “exchange students” from China, JunJun and LinLin while they are still in the group.

JunJun and LinLin

JunJun and LinLin

And now I am currently listening to their latest singles, which surprisingly have more upbeat electro-pop feel to it.  The “a bunch of happy girls singing”  feel is has faded away, I bet Tsunku is testing the water for a new kind of music style for Morning Musume.

Morning Musume 2013

Morning Musume 2013

Their 50th single, One.Two.Three is my current favourite,

The current lineup is aptly called The Colourful Era by fans, and I hope they truly are going to bring new colours to Morning Musume history. I will be continuing this story in my next post, Morning Musume: The Colourful Era. Stay updated!





To tell you the truth, one of the reason I fell in love with my ex Bea is because she had the same smile as Ai-chan.


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