Morning Musume 54th single: Wagamama/Ai no Gundan

Its been a while since I last blog about Morning Musume 54th single.  The songs, titled Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke (わがまま 気のまま 愛のジョーク)  and Ai no Gundan (愛の軍団) has been revealed, complete with official music videos, normal and the dance shot version. Both of these songs are featured in this week’s Music Monday.

Morning Musume 54th Single

Slated to be released on August 28, preorders are coming in as soon as the online stores revealed the singles up in their websites.

The production team are already rolling out their “invasion plan”, Morning Musume members frequent appearance in TV shows, announcement of handshake events and also live events.

Promotional banners had already been put up around Tokyo city, so far it has been sighted in Azabu Juuban, Shibuya, Ebisu Station, Aoyama, Shin-Okubo, JR Gotanda Station, and Okachimachi.

Morning Musume 54th single Morning Musume 54th single

Morning Musume 54th single

Morning Musume 54th single: Ai no Gundan (愛の軍団)

Ai no gundan

Translated as “Gundan” of Love in english, this was the first song to be previewed in Hello! Station Youtube channel. This song is not to be confused with Berryz Koubou’s Ai no Dangan.

The group wears an alternating black and red outfit and features an “army” like and intricate dance moves. I was a bit surprised to hear Sayumin’s singing line with non-autotune edit, just a little part though.

 Tsunku, the producer, really make use of the saxophone tune mix, made it prominent throughout the entire song. The music composition style is a bit different from their previous single.

Morning Musume 54th single: Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke (わがまま 気のまま 愛のジョーク)

Wagamama ki no mama ai no joke

The title literally means Selfish, Easy Going, Jokes of Love. Long before this music video went online at Hello! Station Youtube channel, me and my forum friends got the first taste of the song, via a fan recording of Hello! Project 2013 SUMMER COOL HELLO! concert.

We were all blown away with this song…

The amount of energy, coupled with heavy dubstep mix, made me go like this when I first listened to this song.



It still gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it, every time when it hits the music solo. Oh and by the way, yes Tsunku, this song is really SICK!

The dance moves were as intricate and complex like Ai no Gundan, with intense dance battle, expecially the “slap” dance moves everyone seems to be enjoying about.

Now I’m really looking forward for its release and hoping that this single will top their previous sales and dominate #1 in Oricon chart.

Since you readers out there may or may not be a Morning Musume fan, ir just J-Pop fan in general, whats your thoughts on their songs? 🙂


Oh and one more thing, other than their official website, , you can also follow their updates on Facebook, Google+ and also Twitter. 😉





Morning Musume is ready to roll!

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