Miss Earth Sabah 2012: The Grand Coronation Night

16 June 2012 was a very memorable day, should I say a memorable night, for a lady named Joanna Marie Faurillo. Miss Earth Sabah 2012 Grand Coronation was held at The Magellan Sutera Resort. The ballroom was filled with cheers of excitement from guests, VIPs, families and friends of the finalists with the media, as they witness Joanna being crowned as the new Miss Earth Sabah. I have been rooting for Joanna since the very beginning, and you can say I was very, very happy about it.

(Warning, loads of pics incoming…)


But let me take you back before it all began, a few hours earlier before the event started. I arrived earlier to Magellan Sutera thanks to my friend, of course, I have to do some errands for her in return for the ride. As I arrived there, I began to fiddle with my loaned DSLR camera to get the right setting, walking around the place and meeting people.

As the place began to be filled with more people, I finally settle down on my table.

I didn’t took photograph from the start because I was busy stuffing myself with the food they serving. Yes, I was kinda hungry, so thats why I tend my stomach before going into photographer mode. First I captured a bit of the Round 2: Chiffon outfit display.

Apart from performances by Nera (of Akademi Fantasia 9 and also Miss Earth Sabah 2010 finalist), Appy and Nadhira, this is my first time seeing Esther Applunius herself performing on stage.

Her voice, seductively sweet.

Third round comes the Eco Dress/Costume. For your information, their Eco Costume was firstly seen at their special appearance in 1Borneo. This, ladies and gentlemen, is their costume in full glory. On top of that, I give you a little re-introduction for all the finalists from my point of view.

Affy Jackleyinda Entawin (21)

Still a student, she posses this cheeky smile that is very adorable, and same goes by the way she walk on the runway. Her headgear for her eco dress is incredibly high, she made very good use of coconut leaves (I think it is) and crafted splendidly.

Carolren Vinnie Yong (21)

She is a former Giat Mara student who wished to become a runway model in the future. I call her Miss Dimples because her dimples is the first thing I noticed about her, ever since I saw her up close during their special appearance in East Meets West event. Her eco dress is so cute, to me it looks like she’s using rice sacks as the main material.

Chan Hui Ching (25)

Also know as SweetSweet Chan, she is the oldest in all the finalists. She looked more matured than any other finalists and that reflects how she posed on the runway. A sense of calmness exudes from her, yet still captivates the audience with her gentle smile. Her hair stay gorgeous even if it was put into different style. Her eco dress is simple, nicely decorated with paper crafts and triangle bits of used CD.


Christini Loo Ai Ling (21)

This lady who loved travelling also have dimples, but the most noticeable feature is her seductive eyes. Her eco dress is also simple, her headgear is awesome that she already looked like a queen. But seriously, I can’t resist looking through her eyes.

Grace Chang Siew Ling (19)

Fitting her name, she walks on the runway gracefully with her tall and slender figure. Her pose is really looking up like a real model on runway, way better that any of the finalists. Her eco dress too, looked simple but attention to details was given to it. If you noticed in the photos, her skirt was crafted to emphasis the snake motif.

CD shards and papers pasted at her waist, and what looked like pieces of computer keyboard keys was carefully put together, making a beautiful chest piece.

Deidre Ann Walker (18)

What do you get if you cross the cheekiness of Affy and the gracefulness of Grace? You get Deidre, or with the name I gave for her, Miss Fabulous. Being one of the youngest in the finalists, she looked very good in gold or yellow outfit. Creatively using her cheeky persona and gracefully controlling the runway, she actually became one of my pick for one of the top 4 winners. Her eco dress outfit, for me is the most fabulous of them all, while using recycled materials, she also portrayed a bit of local indigenous design in her outfit.

Daphne Fay W. Santor (22)

I like her pointy eyes, did you guys noticed that? She’s also have a very friendly person. Her eco dress looked inspired by sea elements, the pure white sands as the color of her dress, sea shells and fish scale motif paper craft decorated her dress.

Frederica Fabian Peter (22)

Her cheek is the strongest and most noticeable feature, and she is one ambitious lady. Her eco dress theme is love angel + magician, using a lot of paper crafts and ribbons. She casts the audience with “Environmentalis Amore” magic, which gives them more awareness about environmental issue and work together to defend the green nature… okay, I really made that up. But hey, its cool if it really happens.

Isabelle Ng Yuin Yuen (22)

This lady is the fairest of them all, and also very serious in voicing out her cause and what she believed in for environmental issue and creating green awareness to the public. Isabelle can be a great green ambassador, a committed and responsible one. Maybe I will see more of her in the future in regards to environmental awareness activities. Her eco dress is gorgeous, but I tip my hat for her fabulous headgear. It look like it was designed for a high fashion and trendy people.

Joanna Marie Faurillo (20)

My favorite finalist, so naturally beautiful and having a perfect smile, I know it because I have seen her up close. Loves to play squash and dancing, she looks shy but she is super talented in singing. Her eco dress reminds me of a lady enjoying her summer vacation, vibrant with lively colors. Great choice of patterns for her dress.

Tatiana Rudolf J. Milip (18)

Although she is busy with pageant activity, she is also very committed with her assignments and works at the college she’s studying, Curtin, Sarawak. Thank goodness for the organizer and her family support, she can balance it out between her pageant activity and her college assignments. I tip my hat once again for Tatiana. She have a slim and sexy figure, and her eco dress just compliments her appearance, carefully designed stripes of papers ad beads is the main attraction of her dress.

Xandria Ban Kah Yee (18)

I say it again, she is blogger buddy Daniel ‘Lonewolf’ Chiam most favorited finalist, with Arms trailing closely behind. Xandria brings this sweet chinese charm with her smile that captivated many people’s heart. She once woo the crowd with her simplistic eco dress in the special appearance at 1Borneo. Well that my friend, has been upgraded with beautiful wings and more decorations, but still, she looks very simple yet elegant in her own way.


The finalists go for their last walk on the runway with their Evening Gown, all of these gowns designed by Justin Yap.

After another stage performance and a lucky draw, the Top 7 finalists was announced

From left Daphne, Deidre, Frederica, Grace, Isabelle, Joanna and Xandria.

First, the emcee, Josiah Mizukami announce the subsidiary title winners,

  • Joanna earned herself Miss Facebook Favorite, Miss Natural Beauty and Best in Talent.
  • Christini got the title Miss Photogenic.
  • Grace on the other hand, earned Miss Eco Green and Miss Most Creative Eco-Costume.
  • Miss Fitness goes to Tatiana.
  • While Miss Eco Brainy goes to Isabelle.

The last challenge for the Top 7 is the Q & A session, its very clear that all of them are very nervous, but they managed to give out their best answer even under immense pressure. The staff assisting at the side of the stage are also very nervous.

As Olivia Vun, reigning Misss Earth Sabah 2011 makes her final appearance, the Top 7 finalists kept their calm for the final announcement.

The judges has decided and the winner’s name is in the emcee’s hand… So here goes the Top 4 winners for Miss Earth Sabah 2012,

Miss Earth Sabah-Fire 2012, 3rd Runner Up, Xandria Ban Kah Yee

Xandria bags one year contract with MNE Productions, a 3 days 2 night stay at Remington Hotel Resorts World Manila for 2 with dinner voucher, Exclusive Balcony Ticket to watch The King and I Broadway Theater, tiara, sash, trophy, products by sponsors and cash prize of RM1,000

Miss Earth Sabah-Water 2012, 2nd Runner Up, Grace Chang Siew Ling

Grace earned herself one year contract with MNE Productions, a 3 days 2 night stay at Maxims Hotel Resorts World Manila for 2 with dinner voucher, Exclusive Balcony Ticket to watch The King and I Broadway Theater, tiara, sash, trophy, products by sponsors and cash prize of RM2,000

Miss Earth Sabah-Air 2012, 1st Runner Up, Deidre Ann Walker

Deidre gets one year contract with MNE Productions, she also will be enjoying 2 days 1 night Star Cruise for 2 from Hong Kong, other prizes includes tiara, sash, trophy, products by sponsors and cash prize of RM3,000

Miss Earth Sabah 2012, Winner, Joanna Marie Faurillo

Joanna earned herself one year contract with MNE Productions, she will be enjoying a 3 days 2 night Star Cruises Libra for 3 (Penang-Phuket-Krabi-Penang), tiara, sash, trophy, products by sponsors and cash prize of RM5,000

Joanna didn’t expect to win the title, but she mentioned to the press that she would strive to be a good “green ambassador” and role model to society. Now that is some awesome prize, but there is more meaningful prize for someone… Joanna’s father, Recardo Stanley Faurillo. I come up to him and congratulates for his daughter’s winning, We shook hands and he gave me a hug. In his eyes was a big excitement and sense of proud for what his daughter has achieved, I remember heard him saying “this is the best father’s day gift to me” after a group photo-shoot on the stage.

I smiled… Joanna’s parent was always with her, wherever she go, East Meets West event, their special appearance at 1Borneo, and even joining the Zumba fun on Green Charity Zumba Party. Its great to see her parents support her all the way.

After the coronation, so much photo-shoot was taken for the new winners, I took this golden opportunity to have a picture with Joanna.

The grand coronation has ended, but the Top 4 winners will continue on their green journey. The reigning titleholders dedicate their year to promote environmental projects and to address issues concerning the environment. They will be endorsed as the Ambassador to environmental protection campaigns along the state apart from representing Sabah for the national Pageant, Miss Earth Malaysia 2012 to be held in Ipoh, Perak this July.

Before I end my blog entry, I give you Miss Earth Sabah 2012 Top 4 winners photo.







Those who did not win, I hope they won’t give up and make this opportunity and knowledge gained as their platform and starting point to get involved in serving society. ~ Mandy Nandu, Organizing Chairperson, Director of MNE Productions.


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  1. DoRa says:

    I got the feeling she will win 🙂 she got a great smile!
    Her parents are really supportive, that is great! I hope all parents can be like that
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    Congratulation to all the winners and hopefully they will shine even brighter in the national level!

    Latest in room8five: Genting Highland and

    Zouk KL
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    I must say, Deidre’s outfit… just… just. Dunno la. Paham-paham ja la 😉 I really enjoyed browsing your gallery, dude. All nice shots.

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